SLMCO chosen as the exclusive distributor for Schenker Dissalatori Watermakers

SLMCO Pure Water Systems, LLC has been chosen as the Exclusive Distributor in the US / North America marketplace for Schenker Dissalatori Watermakers Italia s.r.l. Naples Italy.

Dan Zemel , MGMR states that Negotiations for the Distributorship has taken one year. We see their product line as being one of the best options now available for the Yacht Industry with a complete service center located in the United States and a dealer network being set up throughout North America.

SLMCO intends to add the Schenker units to their Emergency Response Trailers that will operate the Water Purification Systems from Solar Power and can include diesel Generator, Ion Lithium Batteries or any combination.

The Schenker Watermakers are designed for the marine industry and have a Patented Energy Recovery system in each unit. William Swindle the Lead technician states that the Schenker Watermakers are a Sailboaters Dream Reverse Osmosis Machine because the models can be powered by 12, 24 Volts DC and 220 Volts AC. They also can be used on Power Boats to meet purified water needs From Desalination of sea water.

Dan Zemel knows where the best exotic cars and Motorcycles come from and that they are from Italian Designers. SLMCO will be providing Schenker with their line of Solar and Diesel powered Water Purification for land use.

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