Slojo YAG Challenge: 2010 Transpacific Triathlon kicks off to benefit YachtAid Global

On Friday, December 10, 2010, owners, guests and crew of M/Y Slojo embarked upon the ultimate YAG Challenge—pushing the limits to see how much money they can raise to benefit YachtAid Global (YAG), a charitable organization that orchestrates superyacht deliveries of humanitarian and developmental aid to children in isolated communities worldwide.

Coined the Slojo YAG Challenge: 2010 Transpacific Triathlon, the owners, guests and crew - aka the athletes - have each made a commitment to take turns running, biking and rowing on their own gym equipment for 24 hours around the clock, as they cross from San Diego to the Marquesas - approximately 2,900 nautical miles and an estimated 12 days. In exchange, they are asking the yachting community, friends and family to show their support by making donations to YachtAid Global for every nautical mile they accomplish.

“Owning a magnificent vessel like Slojo is a great privilege; and it makes for a perfect venue to raise money for a cause that we all believe in,” said Slojo owners Jim and Sujo. “The concept of an around-the-clock triathlon for 12 days not only gives us the rare opportunity to participate in with our crew, but also an opportunity to use Slojo in a way that we can all be proud of. We are very committed to and excited about this adventure.”

Over the past two years, Slojo has been an avid supporter of YachtAid Global. Its “no tip” policy encourages guests to put gratuities toward charitable YAG projects. Funds collected have helped to purchase basic necessities such as food, school supplies, conservation materials, instructional aid and medical supplies for people in isolated communities within places like Alaska, Panama, Moorea and Indonesia. Since her involvement with YachtAid Global, Slojo has donated thousands of items, countless hours of time, and most importantly, the will and creativity to do what it takes to spread awareness for YAG’s causes - something like this is extremely valuable to the organization.

“When Slojo approached YachtAid Global for help developing and executing the relay concept, we couldn’t have been more humbled and excited to be a part of it,” said Mark Drewelow, founder and program advisor for YachtAid Global. “Although YachtAid Global has grown to affect over two dozen communities, there are still many isolated areas that need our help, and spreading awareness to yachts that visit those areas is a critical element.”

A Pacific Purpose
YachtAid Global was founded in 2006 as a charitable offshoot of Drewelow's company, C2C, Inc., a firm based in San Diego that provides a broad spectrum of solutions to superyachts. Using C2C’s network of contacts, YachtAid Global manages the logistics for getting supplies to isolated coastal communities and engages superyachts to act as vessels of transport. The tagline evolved to be, “Changing the world without changing course.”

With YachtAid Global’s ability to customize sponsorships, the Slojo athletes were given the opportunity to choose a region to benefit from its physical efforts. As a team, they chose to benefit the Pacific region, an area they heavily cruise and have a great passion for. Proceeds from the Slojo YAG Challenge will provide children in the Pacific with the tools they need to learn and empower them with knowledge for what they can do to help conserve the environment, protect the surrounding wildlife and improve the condition of their own wellbeing.

Leaving Behind a Legacy
Inspired by M/V Talitha who rowed across the Atlantic to raise money and generate awareness for Haiti, the Slojo athletes hope to accomplish the following:
– Encourage yachting professionals, other yacht owners and crew, friends and family to pledge their support by making a donation to YachtAid Global
– Spread awareness for YachtAid Global and its causes
– Create a viral trend of making it an “in” thing for other owners and crew to adopt a cause and give back.
– Give those in- and outside the yachting industry a peek at what it’s like to complete a passage through the Pacific with a charitable purpose. Milestones include crossing the Equator where a fun and unique initiation ceremony will be held onboard Slojo for those who have never crossed the equator before — a tradition that dates back centuries.

What You Can Do to Help
Starting December 1, the yachting community can show its support in several different ways:
- Motivate, interact and follow the progress of the athletes, visitSlojo YAG Challenge Facebook
- For as little as a one cent per mile, a donation can be made by visiting the Slojo YAG Challenge website

For more information about YachtAid Global, how to get involved or how organizations can become a beneficiary, contact Captain Mark Drewelow at +1 619 630 4626, [email protected] or visit



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