Snapshots: your favourite superyacht photos now on your mobile

Written by Charl van Rooy

Introducing Snapshots; a free monthly download containing five unique HD superyacht photos customised to be used as wallpapers for your phone.
These do-as-you-please images are designed so you can carry your favourite superyacht with you wherever you go. This month’s stars include the 98-metre Aviva, 86-metre Amore Vero, 65-metre Okto, 67-metre Seasense, and the 74-metre Aurora, all taken by SuperYacht Times’ in-house media team.
How it works:

Step 1: click on the secure download link below

Step 2: select ‘Download all’

Step 3: transfer images to your mobile device

Step 4: set favourite image as your new wallpaper

Step 5: share with friends! 

Button: Download 2
Stay tuned as we will release a new selection of images each month!



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