SO! Dalian signs partnership with city of Deauville

The famous Norman city of Deauville, one of the most prestigious seaside resorts in the North of France, will be celebrated during the coming SO! Dalian event. The inaugural event will be held from the 3rd to the 6th July, and aims to promote and support the development of a ‘boating way of life’ in Northern China, as well as promote Dalian as a major tourist destination.

A sophisticated town of culture and leisure, Deauville is home to the American Film Festival and various international polo and horse racing events. SO! Dalian wish to connect the spirit of Deauville with the essence of SO! Dalian, where sophistication and modernity combine to provide a prestigious guest list a platform to share their appreciation for art, polo culture and a passion for yachting.

For this first edition of SO! Dalian, Deauville will be highly represented by the Mayor’s Special representative, Mr. Normand, who will come to Dalian, explore the region and promote its destination in various ways.

We see a natural fit between the beautiful city of Dalian and the legendary city of Deauville. They both boast a location a few hundred kilometers away from the capital, a unique seaside and the importance of the cultural activities in the cities development. With the present of the Mayor’s Representative, we foresee great potential to develop cultural and business partnerships beyond this first edition of SO! Dalian” said Delphine Lignieres, founder and CEO of China Rendez-Vous and of SO! Dalian.

By Gemma Fottles



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