Solar1 - Official Race Courses

Over the course of a thrilling July weekend, competitors from all over the planet will gather to fight it out for the first ever ‘green’ crown in powerboat racing. The boats will be put through their paces in the beautiful Monaco waters, with teams going head-to-head in three categories of race that test speed, endurance and manoeuvrability. The world is about to see just what these extraordinary boats can do.

Individual boats are timed from start to finish in this test of manoeuvrability in the open waters beyond the pier of Port Hercules.

In this test of endurance, all the boats race together following one course in the Larvotto Bay in front of all coastal Monegasgue hotels; Fairmont, Meridien Beach Plaza, Monte Carlo Bay and Monte Carlo Beach.3

One-on-One Sprint
Two boats will race side by side in a thrilling test of speed right inside Port Hercules in full view of the spectacular new Yacht Club building and the stunning terraces of the Hermitage Hotel and Hotel de Paris.




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