Solaris Yachts have acquired CNB yacht builders

Written by Francesca Webster

Solaris Yachts have acquired CNB yacht builders, with the aim of specialising in the construction of sailing yachts between 40 and 110 feet. Solaris have been building yachts since 1974, and the two companies have a combined experience of nearly 80 years between them. Now they will combine their wealth of knowledge to create sailing yachts for sailors who wish to cruise as a family or with a small crew.Alithia Solaris 80 RS sailing yacht Photo: Solaris Yachts

Solaris have been creating modern, fast cruising yachts since their foundation, such as the 24-metre Alithia pictured here, while CNB have an international reputation for building one-off, bespoke and semi-custom sailing yachts, designed for blue water sailing. The panoramic roof designed by Philippe Briand is the yardโ€™s signature, and their CNB 76 and CNB 66 models have become hugely popular.Alithia Solaris 80 RS sailing yacht Photo: Solaris YachtsIt is the aim of this combined force to retain each brand's individuality, while complementing one another with their own unique strengths. The first vessel of this new partnership, the CNB 8X, will be unveiled in a few weeks time, โ€œpioneering a new age for CNB yacht builders.โ€ Pictured here is the 31-metre CNB sailing yacht Chrisco, launched in 2009.Chrisco sailingMoving forward, CNB will create small seriesโ€™ of vessels which are highly customisable to owners specific needs and requirements. For CNB vessels currently under construction, their production will continue in Monfalcone, alongside any CNB 76 or CNB 66 units sold this year, while the transition period will continue through to 2022 to prevent any disruption.

As of 2022, the production of these two models will move to the Solaris site and the two brands will produce yachts at the same shipyard, but continue to maintain their individuality.



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