Southern Wind unveils the SW 102 Deck Saloon

Southern Wind has unveiled the designs of the SW 102 Deck Saloon project, the result of the experience gained by Southern Wind during the past 4 years, with the noteworthy construction of 11 SW 100, 1 SW 110 and 1 SW 94, the latter close to its launching date.

The SW 102 Deck Saloon represents the evolution and the synthesis of those traits which have set the supremacy of the shipyard in the 100 footers league. The project, the mould of which has recently been completed, is once again designed by Nauta Design and Farr Yacht Design.

Nauta Design has developed the concept of this project in close cooperation with Southern Wind. Farr Yacht Designโ€™s naval architecture resulted in the development of new water lines, sail plan and appendages, with particular attention to the performance of the yacht.

This project combines the successful lay-out already seen on the SW 100โ€™ with the advantage of a more modern hull with a remarkable gain in the water line lenght of 1.35 mt. This LWL increase offers significant advantages while sailing in any condition and even steaming, while the aft flatter hull bottom is a promise of higher performances and and increased stability especially in reaching conditions.

Thanks to the experience gained with 16 Southern Winds over 90 feet already built, Nauta has taken advantage of the increased WL and LOA lenghts and the additional 21 cm of the maximum beam, to distribute these additional volumes where they were more needed.

If compared to the ones of the SW 100, the interior volumes of the SW 102 have increased. This apply to saloon and cabins but also to engine room, sail locker and lazzarette, the latter better accessible and with a greater storage capacity. These are significant improvements for a yacht which has been conceived for extended time at sea.

Also the interior and exterior styling have been re-designed, and the result is a skilful blend of style, modernity and timeless elegance The highlight of the project is without any doubt the Deck Saloon, more and more spacious and bright. The newest super-structure perfectly marries the sleek and modern lines of the hull.

On deck the passage from the aft section to the main companionway, has minor gaps or differences in level, being therefore not only more comfortable but also safer especially in sailing conditions, as one can easily walk from the aft cockpit forward .

The interior lay-out is the typical Southern Wind: Crew quarters aft, guest area (2 double cabins and 1 queen size bed cabin) amidship and a generous and secluded ownerโ€™s cabin forward the mast.

The crew quarters, besides an ample and practical galley, feature 3 cabins of which one can be used as additional Junior guest cabin.

On deck the aft cockpit concentrates most of the manouvreing gear, while the guest cockpit amidship guarantees the absence of nuisance to the passengers while sailing.

The equipment on board will be fitted keeping in mind the long ocean sailing which inspires Southern Wind Blue Water philosophy. The semi-custom construction of SW 102 DS, leaves the door open to different options for the interiors as well as for the deck lay-out. A Streamline version is currently under development while the possibility of fitting a retractable keel with a 3.20/4.80 m. stroke is being studied as well as a transom garage for the tender.

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