Spiip, the new Philippe Briand designed CNB 86

The new CNB 86, a Philippe Briand designed aluminium superyacht, follows Grand Bleu Vintage (CNB 95), the CNB 105 and Hamilton II in the Deck Salon CNB family. Performance, comfort, elegance directed the design of this new aluminium 86' developed for an experienced customer.

Spiip, launched in October 2009 in Bordeaux, is an experienced owner’s yacht, whose expectations and requirements have had a rather strong influence on several choices in terms of naval architecture, interior design and construction.

Performance: the waterline is at its maximum with an almost vertical bow, and the hull sides are almost vertical as well for fast beating. Also, the retractable keel gives the boat a 4 m draft in the “down” position, and the upwind sail area is…400 sq.m.

Spiip's large deckhouse is typical of the CNB “Deck Salon” styling, while the freeboard is rather low. the central cockpit is extremely pleasant at sea or at a mooring, and the natural light of the deck salon gives an excellent visibility outside. An interesting feature, is a seat, especially designed for the owner's wife – who is very fond of reading – was conceived in the cockpit near the saloon door with the same purpose : to let her stay comfortably seated with an arm-rest that also serves as a glove compartment, a quite convenient feature when you leave things in the cockpit.

The vast aft suite is reserved for the owners, and the 2 guest cabins are located on each side on the deck salon, while the forward part of the boat is dedicated to the crew…and of course the transom is equipped with a garage for a 3,70 m tender.

One of the notable details is the layout of the starboard armchairs that have been fitted in and designed so as to let passengers sit back whatever the tack may be, without having to move at each tacking.

CNB - Construction Navale Bordeaux
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Phillip Briand
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Jean Marc Piaton
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Photos by Nicolas Claris



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