Spirit of Tradition photo exhibition at New York Yacht Club

Stephens Waring Design and Langley Photography are organising a night of gorgeous images and spirited conversation at the New York Yacht Club's "Model Room" in New York City.

Robert Stephens and Alison Langley come together this evening to present stunning photography accompanied by insightful remarks describing the rise in trend towards modern yachts designed to embrace classic feel and style--a genre in yacht design we affectionately call "Spirit of Tradition".

"We'll discuss what's delightful about classic yachts, and why so many are determined to create their own modern classic: we'll explore how what we've learned in the design of yachts over the years has influenced our clients and how we've come to marry retro design elements to modern performance." notes, Bob Stephens.

"My goal as a marine photographer is to capture the live expression of these yachts in their element--the power and performance under sail, and in some of the most beautiful sailing scenes in the world." remarks Alison Langely.

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