Stabbert Maritime assists with the conversion of SuRi & Pacific Provider

The Stabbert Maritime Group has recently completed work on the Pacific Provider, the second successful conversion project for Yacht Escort Ships. Over the last year Stabbert Maritime has acted as the major contractor for Yacht Escorts Ships on the conversion of the 175’ SuRi and the 156’ Pacific Provider.

Yacht Escort Ships contracted with Stabbert Maritime Group to provide Stabbert Yacht & Ship and a majority of the steel and craft expertise that helped build, install and outfit the superstructure additions. Also provided were the shipyard facilities needed for the project which included an 1100-ton dry dock, 50-ton floating crane, moorage, shore power, water, and general facility services including forklifts, crawler cranes, and man lifts.

The M/V SuRi and M/V Pacific Provider were both supply vessel conversion projects. The SuRi was a conversion to a yacht shadow vessel while the Pacific Provider was a conversion to a floating yacht club. “Both vessels are very familiar to us as we operated the Shelikof (Pacific Provider) and sourced the Fierce Contender (SuRi) for Yacht Escort Ships” explains Dan Stabbert, President of Stabbert Maritime.

The Stabbert Maritime Group has completed a number of conversion projects for both the commercial and yacht sectors. Stabbert Maritime’s commercial division, Ocean Services, operates a fleet of commercial ships operating worldwide in research, underwater dive support, oil & gas and specializes in 4 point, DP, ROV and survey operations.

Stabbert Yacht and Ship, the shipyard division of Stabbert Maritime, conducts refit and conversions for yacht and commercial ships. “Our commercial and yacht operations combined with our shipyard capabilities provide a synergy that adds value, quality, and reliability to our clients” says Dan Stabbert. This synergy made a lot of sense when Yacht Escort Ships went looking for a shipyard to complete their conversions.



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