Stabbert Yacht & Ship sell 308ft Sahara and unveils new export finance program

CEO Dan Stabbert and Paul Madden, Head of Sales, today announced the sale of the 308' ex-NOAA Research Ship Sahara to a European buyer. This vessel is currently undergoing a complete re-fit and conversion at Stabbert Yacht and Ship (SYS) in Seattle. The vessel will be exported from the US and may benefit from a new export financing program that SYS is offering to international buyers. Under this program, Stabbert is able to offer competitive financing for buyers by guaranteeing term financing to creditworthy international buyers for purchases of U.S. vessels and refit/conversion services.

"The advantages to foreign buyers in the current economy are enormous." states CEO Dan Stabbert. "Market conditions present unique opportunities to buy seaworthy commercial vessels for conversion to exploration yachts, shadow boats, or for specialized missions such as oil research or security duties". Paul Madden adds, "At a time when conventional finance may be difficult to obtain, we can provide a financial package that enables foreign buyers to get on with their projects right now."

Stabbert Maritime virtually invented the idea of conversions in 1945 with the conversion of a WWII minesweeper. To date the Stabberts have completed over 30 vessel conversion projects in the commercial and yacht sectors of the industry. As the industry leader in yacht conversions, their reputation has been forged through decades of experience and dedication and not on temporary market trends. Stabbert Maritime Group has recently completed a total refit of the 143 ft Sterling Motor Yacht Devotion (ex Marjorie Morningstar), and also the 180' Revelation (ex Patagonia).

Stabbert Maritime also provides the support services required for smooth vessel operation, working closely with Captains and owners to provide the level of support they require world-wide.

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