Stefano De Vivo on Riva’s new Superyacht Division & Riva 50M

Written by Vivian Hendriksz

With construction on Riva’s first custom 50-metre superyacht well under way in Ancona, the Italian yard’s Superyacht Division has firmly become reality. Although the iconic shipbuilder has developed a stellar reputation for fast, high-quality and stylish vessels throughout its 176-year existence, the company never built larger yachts - until now. “Carlo Riva’s idea to build large yachts is finally turning into reality. Riva is ready to step into this market segment as a leader,” said Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group.Riva 50m under construction in Ancona Photo: RivaDeveloped in collaboration with Officina Italiana Design, the studio who which has created the exterior lines and interior design of all of Riva's models since 1994, the Riva 50M aims to bring the brand’s classical style to a larger hull, offering potential clients custom layout and interiors across all four decks. Slated to launch next spring, the new 50-metre superyacht will become the first flagship of the Riva new “timeless and traditional" line.

In order to learn more about the Riva 50M superyacht and the company’s new Superyacht Division, we speak with Stefano De Vivo, Chief Commercial Officer at Ferretti Group, parent company of Riva. Stefano De Vivo - CCO RivaPhoto: RivaAhead of the launch of Riva’s first custom 50-metre superyacht next year, can you tell us a bit more about her design? 

De Vivo: Developed together with Officina Italiana Design, Riva’s first custom 50-metre superyacht sees the company applying the brand’s style to a larger hull, offering custom layout and interiors across all four decks. It perfectly represents our timeless sense of beauty: clean and elegant lines define its profile, taking inspiration from pure, aesthetic art research. The style of a Riva yacht is unique: it stands out thanks to our choice of refined materials, the management of surfaces and the harmonised lines and volumes.
The Riva 50M represents a mixture of traditions and contemporary design, as even an iconic brand like Riva needs to find a way to become more modern and make the best use of innovations in design in my opinion. For example, the location of the galley on the lower deck perfectly reflects this sense of innovation. Riva 50M in Ancona What impact do you think her delivery will have on the Riva brand? 

I think that the delivery of the 50M Riva will push the brand to a further level of excellence worldwide. In addition, this crucial launch will have a great impact on the brand’s identity. Riva will be the only brand to produce yachts from 27 feet to 95 metres around the world. 

Can you tell us a bit more about the other three sizes (60m, 70m and 95m) of superyachts which will be available within the new Riva Superyacht Division? 

Riva’s Superyachts Division is specialised in developing platforms ranging from 50 to 95 metres as well as the production of yachts under 500GT. These new giants of the sea, which are set to boast unrivalled technology, the utmost care for details, and a strong brand identity - will differ in terms of style and design.  Riva 50M in AnconaPhoto: RivaWhile the 50M Riva is the first custom superyacht by OID, negotiations for new projects on different naval platforms, ranging from 60m, 70m and 95m, are currently being realised. Potential owners will be able to select their preferred size and then decide between two different lines developed by OID, who are the real designers behind the unique style of Riva. One will feature a more unusual and unconventional design, while the other will be more classic and characterised by traditional and timeless shapes.

How does the company aim to ensure that these new superyachts retain Riva’s brand DNA? 

Attention to detail is one of the main features of the Riva brand. To ensure the essence of the Riva brand and DNA are reflected in the design of the superyachts, the world of ancient and contemporary art served as a crucial source of inspiration for the yachts exterior lines. But, as the design had to be more than just aesthetically pleasing, the history of the brand was an important benchmark for OID to consider as well. Riva 50M in AnconaPhoto: RivaThe Ferretti Group created a dedicated team for the new Riva Superyacht Division - can you tell us a little bit more about it?  

The Ferretti Group Strategic Product Committee, headed by engineer Piero Ferrari, together with the Engineering Department, has established a new department entirely dedicated to Riva's Superyachts Division at the Group’s Ancona shipyard. The team is currently working side by side with designers Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta from Officina Italiana Design to develop the numerous ongoing Riva projects.  

What type of clients do you hope to reach via the new Riva Superyacht Division?  

We are hoping to attract people that want to experience travel and navigation in a different way, but are strongly connected to the ideas of handmade, design and technology that distinguish Riva yachts. The superyacht owner who decides to buy a Riva embraces a specific style and life philosophy, which are strictly connected to what Riva truly represents around the world.  Riva 50M in AnconaPhoto: RivaWhy did Riva decide to move into a larger superyacht size bracket?  

The move into a larger superyacht segment is a natural development of the brand to me, especially when you consider its technological and manufacturing know-how. It’s also a strategic choice that comes from our will to please all our clients, even the ones that already own their preferred Riva yacht. As the yachting market becomes even more demanding, requiring tailor-made solutions to client demands, the added value of the yachts from the superyacht division sees owners offered the choice of completely customising the outfitting and interior decor of their superyacht. By creating a product specifically built around the owner’s needs and preferences, Riva will once more be able to meet the refined and sophisticated taste of its very demanding owners.  

Content created in collaboration with Riva & Ferretti Group.



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