Stephens Waring design 44 metre sailing yacht

Stephens Waring have released details about their 44 metre Anthem project. Anthem has been designed for extended family cruising as well as aggressive charter programs supported by a professional crew.

The designers have commented: "She features a seamless blending of indoor and outdoor elements. There are two focal points where interior comfort and outdoor accessibility meet via raised salon seating and cockpit arrangements at mid‐ship and aft locations—each raised salon provides sweeping views under sail or at anchor, a flood of natural light, and wonderful communication with the cockpit".

The aft salon has been designed to provide shelter to the deck crew, and offers a huge navigation area. When not used for navigation, the deckhouse doubles as a private salon for the owners, who cabin is located a few steps down. Two large double cabins offer further accommodation to Anthem's guests.

The yacht measures 44 metres in length, and comes in at a mere 230 tons. Her sail area is designed at just under 780 square metres.

By Gemma Fottles



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