Sterling / Scott Yacht Design and 14 year old Paul design supertender Life Pad

Paul, 14 years old, from Monaco, embarked in designing the speed boat now known as the “Life Pad” when approached by friend and neighbor Diana Scott from Sterling / Scott Yacht Design, S/S. The bespoke design is about comfort and fun in the sun, and Paul has ensured that the design is trimmed and fitted out to suite Paul’s taste which embraces the imagination of youth.

Asides from the design and detailed features, the aim for the Life Pad is comfort, seaworthiness and above all respect to its impact on the environment. Very important to Paul and S/S is the environmental factor therefore the 9m sports tenders aim is to be as energy efficient as possible.

Forward of the main cockpit are large sun pads making it the ideal spot for lounging whilst cruising. The open cockpit is fitted out with the latest in carbon fiber sports seating, offering not only safety but also comfort with built in shock resistance.

The Life Pad’s features include polished stainless steel exhaust with the gilled top exhaust following the sheer line. On the forward decking there are signature marks; two “red stripes” on the starboard side as well as the two black stripes running along the length of the deck fore and aft, just offset from centerline. The hull form is deep “V” coupled with a moderate beam, which maintains an even distribution that makes for a beautifully balanced hull that can be easily steered even when close to the shore or driven hard.

A convertible bimini top clips into the back, similar to that of a convertible car, sheltering the main seating area from the sun as well as the aft “U” shaped seating which also can convert into a bed.

Port side beneath the seating is a refrigerated cold store, centrally between the side seats is a viewing window into the sea where there is also underwater lights for added effect at night.

Life Pad is the first of its kind, Sterling / Scott is hoping to create more designs with Paul in the future. Paul was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy when he was 4 years old, his condition has touched S/S, and therefore all design profits S/S receive from Life Pad will go to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Paul is confident that in the future there will be a cure.

Sterling / Scott Yacht Design
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