Storing wine on superyachts with Vinotemp

After expanding their manufacturing headquarters in Los Angeles, California, and opening a new corporate headquarters in Irvine, California, Vinotemp International, has added custom Luxury Yacht Wine Cellars to its extensive line of wine cellar offerings.

Storing wine on yachts, properly, is complicated. In addition to stabilizing/securing the wine, the wine also needs to be stored in its own atmosphere to regulate humidity levels, control temperature and prevent salt from interacting with the collection. Yacht owners spend tens of millions on their ships, and their wine collections are also substantial investments. Vinotemp’s extensive experience in the international wine storage industry has appealed to yacht owner’s, builders and designers because they know that when using Vinotemp their wine is secure and completely stabilized in its own atmosphere - complete with proper cooling, humidity control, ventilation and drainage.

Vinotemp works in all types of materials from stainless steel, to exotic woods and veneers. Master craftsman with over 25 years of experience have worked with these materials to produce a complete custom wine systems at the highest quality levels possible.

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