Storm Yachts move 24 metre S-78

The hull of the S-78 was brought from the painting compound to the Storm Yachts finishing hall late last month. A short ride on public roads is an integral part of this type of move, and is always a high-profile event.

Several truck drivers waiting by the side of the road initially refused the request to park somewhere else, but the imposing appearance of the approaching luxury yacht quickly caused them to change their minds.

Storm Yachts are currently determining the positioning of the pipes, the connections for the tanks and the components in the engine compartment. The placement of the supply and discharge pipes requires extra attention as there will be no drains in the side of the hull.

Optimal hull efficiency and minimal maintenance go hand in hand, and Storm Yachts’ aim is to ensure that they launch an intelligent and well thought-through yacht; one which will stand as a testament to the brand’s efficiency and quality. The next S-78 hull benefitted directly from all the improvements and additions made to build number 1.

By Maarten Janssen



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