Stratis by Doyle

Stratis by Doyle is becoming the “must have” sails for the who's who of recently released superyachts and the choice for replacement sails on existing beauties.

The all-black 120’ Bristolian, designed by Philippe Briand is the latest performance sloop to be wearing the Stratis, custom-laid black dyed fibre-aligned sailcloth. Bristolian took its first sail on the Auckland harbour last week. The sleek black superyacht has 18,000 sq feet of Stratis sailcloth designed and made in the Stratis loft by Doyle Sails New Zealand.

Simultaneously, the 130’ Tripp designed, Alithia was in Croatia being fitted with her new Stratis sails. Stratis by Doyle NZ was chosen by the yacht’s management team not only for the latest technology in sailcloth but also for the customer service behind the sails. Chris McMaster, managing director of Doyle NZ flew to Croatia to ensure the sails were a perfect fit.

Soon to be sailing...
The Stratis onslaught doesn’t stop there, with InMocean being launched this week by Fitzroy Yachts and P2 slipping in the water at Perini Navi. Both yachts will have a complete inventory of Stratis sails with P2 carrying not only the cruising version (GPc) but also a full suit of racing sails (GPx). Again these sails were custom dyed but this time with white, to make a point of difference on the superyacht scene.



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