Streamlining business processes at Gulf Craft

Gulf Craft Inc has announced that it has successfully deployed Focus i, Focus Softnet’s highly customizable ERP with business intelligence tools, to streamline its business processes, enhance operational efficiency, improve decision making capabilities and strategically plan its future growth and expansion. Apart from being able to integrate Focus i with third party software, Focus Softnet has also developed a customized version of the software for Linux-based environments in order to aid Gulf Craft’s expanded IT automation program.

Over the last few years, Gulf Craft has grown tremendously with customers across the globe. We have been constantly innovating and customizing our boats and yachts to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. More than a decade ago, we were using Focus 5.1 and eventually upgraded to Focus RT in 2007, which helped us streamline our business processes and operations. We have now upgraded to Focus i and in the process we have not only added a new dress to the software or user interface but we have also added brand new features and functionalities thus enabling us to automate our financial and operational processes and helping us make better decisions by organizing, analyzing and generating reports out of the ERP data,” says Erwin Bamps, Chief Operating Officer of Gulf Craft.

Gulf Craft is a vertically integrated company and as a manufacturer we go beyond what most other manufacturers do, being a A-to-Z manufacturer rather than an assembler. We create all the parts of our vessels from scratch. Everything from our manufacturing, management and activities including accounting, stores, logistics are integrated and accounted for with our ERP software,” Mr. Bamps explains.

The implementation of Focus i is also helping Gulf Craft maintain quality controls not just at the finishing stage of the product but throughout the manufacturing process. The after-sales service is done by Gulf Craft itself and hence it was also important to maintain a proper service record for each vessel.

Gulf Craft is in the process of updating its ISO 9001 certification and it goes parallel with the implementation of Focus i. “The Focus i implementation process is also a continuous learning process for the organization, not only in terms of our own ISO 9001 procedures but also in general on how we deal with each other’s offices and so it is changing the way we deal with our company on the ground and on the floor,” he adds.

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