Struik & Hamerslag: The artists behind the interior of Project Phi

Written by Rebecca Smurthwaite

Established in 1964, Struik & Hamerslag are Netherlands based interior specialists, who are well-established in the superyacht industry. With a team of 190 craftsmen and a track record of over 200 projects, Struik & Hamerslag complement the new-build and refit sector with their in-house know-how and vast knowledge of yacht interiors. Struik & Hamerslag interior designsOne of their latest projects is the eagerly awaited, Project Phi, which is set to be launched later this year. Struik & Hamerslag have worked on various large projects, however Phi “is an outstanding and prestigious, once in a lifetime project,” says Joost van Hattum, from Struik & Hamerslag’s Sales Department. They have worked closely in collaboration with Royal Huisman and Lawson Robb on developing Cor D. Rover’s design philosophy – as requested by Phi’s owner. Struik & Hamerslag interior designsPhi sets new standards in the yachting industry, both aesthetically and technologically. With her interior inspiration deriving from nature, Struik & Hamerslag have cleverly used core elements and materials to design her ‘natural’ aesthetic. The idea is to promote the ‘natural progression of our world’ using the basics: Matter, energy, space and time. As these form the foundation of our existence, these have been incorporated into the fundamentals of Phi’s interior design. Struik & Hamerslag interior designsWhile many details of Phi’s interior are yet to be released, Struik & Hamerslag have alluded to the owner’s sky lounge being centred upon the idea of ‘pre-creation’, which will be used as an area of serenity and reflection.Struik & Hamerslag interior designsAccording to Cor D. Rover, who is behind Phi’s design philosophy, “The more we see Phi come alive, the more I am convinced that only a sailboat builder has the know-how and ambition to execute miracles on a square inch, and Royal Huisman is the epitome of this watchmakers’ skill.” Struik & Hamerslag interior designsStruik & Hamerslag are incredibly proud to be a part of Project Phi and showcase their craftsmanship in her extraordinary interior. Struik & Hamerslag interior designsPhi is set to launch in 2021, alongside a shadow support yacht which will hold her multiple tenders. 

Struik & Hamerslag interior designs


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