Sturge Taylor & Associates Limited subscribe to red24

Sturge Taylor & Associates Limited, yacht insurance specialists, have subscribed for the benefit of its clients to the Security Advice and Remote Assistance services provided by red24, Global Security Specialists.

The red24 service includes:
• 24/7 access to a personal security advisor via a telephone hotline.
• Daily News subscription.
• Tailored pre-travel advisories.
• Full access to red24’s comprehensive and updated website with information for over 185 countries.
• Membership for crew, family members and associated guests-includes yacht owner and family, guests including charter guests, captain and crew.

In addition, subject to a separate charge to be agreed between clients and red24, they can:
1. Provide an international rescue and response service should a potentially life-threatening situation arise while you are travelling (including but not limited to piracy, natural disasters, terrorist incidents and serious crime incidents).
2. Provide travel safety email & SMS alerts (alerting the customer to any major security events such as natural disasters, civil unrest and terrorist incidents in the region or country of travel).

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