Successful show in Cannes for Tamsen Yachts

TaTii, exudes a luxurious lifestyle feel. She really is a luxury yacht one could imagine cruising on effortlessly to destinations all around the world. It came as no surprise then, that this Turkish built yacht turned heads at this year's Cannes Yacht Show.

TaTii had numerous viewings and a couple of sea trials with clients. She is now cruising down to St Tropez to relax with more clients before heading back up to Monaco to take her place in this year's Show.

Due to the 'feel at ease' lifestyle that taTii gives off, the production manager, Jendrik Odenwald explained to that the technical details and specifications became almost insignificant, as clients walking through the superyacht found themselves absorbed in her relaxed atmosphere, despite the Tamsen Shipyard being extremely proud of the performance and quality that is so paramount in their production process and construction techniques.

After chilling out in St Tropez she and the Tamsen Team will be ready to host more serious viewings in Monaco.

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By Richard Callender



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