Summit Marine's One-One-One

When Summit Marine’s management decided that it was time to invest in the superyacht business it came out natural to choose a reliable, renowned and highly capable designer; Massimo Gregori Grgic and his Yankee Delta Studio team in Italy. The result is the One-One-One: the ship is built in small numbers with full-time supervision and never-ending stress for quality.

The preliminary design stage took more time than usual because Summit Marine has planned all and possible aspects of the ship before getting to the actual building. All is known in detail: the specifications are a fifty pages booklet; the list of materials, fittings & accessories, all of them carefully chosen among the top-quality suppliers in the world.

The designer and the Customer made a paramount effort which result in a unique yacht. Summit Marine took its motto from Antoine de Saint-Exupèry: "If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."

Massimo Gregori Grgic agreed on this motto: he's been a sailor before being a naval architect and he knows the sea, its beauty and its rages. Summit Marine fixed some milestones for the One-One-One: her elegance is contemporary and endless; she grants value for money; she is pleasure and luxury; she is unique and yet flexible.

Each Customer has the possibility of personalizing the fabrics, leathers, veneers, colours... down to the smallest details like the shape of the sewing stitches. A dedicated computer program helps the buyer through this heaven of choices: a simple screen touch and one's own yacht shapes up. From a technical point of view, the One-One-One is as complete as a yacht can be.

The main engines are twin MTUs 16V2000M93, each releasing power of 2,450 hp, allowing for a cruising speed of 27 knots and a top speed of 31. And yet the ship sails in perfect silence: the noise and vibration insulation has been studied by a dedicated team of experts. The hull is planning, with a deep vee shape. The ship sails smooth and safe: her weights and centre of buoyancy give a perfectly balanced metacentric height.

The One-One-One's lucky owner has a huge suite all for himself on the main deck: a wide aisle leads from the main saloon to his cabin, fitted with all possible comforts. Towards the bow, there is a walk-in dressing room. Aside from it, twin aisles and stairs lead to the owner's toilet and to a real spa, with a Jacuzzi pool and sauna.

Four large, super-luxury cabins are dedicated to guests. The galley is aft of the guest's cabins, between the engine room and the crew quarters. Massimo Gregori Grgic and his team of naval architects and designers built up a unique atmosphere, knowingly using lights and shadows, volumes and hollows.

All the materials on board long to give a feeling of warmth and of lasting taste: natural linens, limestone, leather, lacquered woods, teak play together like in a well-tuned orchestra.

The cockpit is an elegant piece of technique. The deck design of the One-One-One is so well balanced and appealing to result in a joy for the beholder. All open areas are fitted with top-quality Dedon pieces of furniture. The shiny piano-black colour of the hull enhances the perfection of the construction.



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