Sunreef superyachts nearing completion

Sunreef Yachts, believed to be the only company building two superyacht catamarans over 100 feet simultaneously, reports to that both yachts are nearing completion and will be launched within the next few months.

Sunreef 102 Double Deck
The first superyacht to be launched by Sunreef is in the last stage of the construction process. All interiors are now being finished and fitted out, the majority of the furniture is already in place and the electrical systems and the plumbery have now been installed.

The hulls will shortly be painted in a light grey colour. This week, the installation of the propulsion system in both engine rooms will start, followed by the installation of twin Cummins engines. The launch is scheduled for the end of September 2009, after which the carbon mast and boom will be set up on the superstructure.

Sunreef 114

The entire aluminium superstructure of the Sunreef 114 has already been finished and straightened. The installation of all technical systems below decks is now underway and the flooring is now being posed. The installation of the sound and thermal insulation of all cabins is now proceeding and the fairing of the hulls has already started.

Simultaneously, all the furniture is being assembled in the in-house carpentry department and waiting to be fitted. The carbon bowsprit, cross beam and boom are now being fabricated in-house via the vacuum infusion process and the 43 metre carbon mast is being finished.

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