Sunseeker sets new innovative standards with Esthec

The new Sunseeker 28 metre Yacht will make its debut at the London Boat Show 2012. It will also be Esthec’s first appearance in this promising new year. The Esthec deck and capping provide unity to the design of this impressive yacht.

All the decks on this new Sunseeker 28 metre Yacht, combining the most recent innovations with the latest technology, have been fitted with innovative Esthec composite decking. The complete cap rails and steps have also been constructed by Esthec. The new yacht is the first of a new series of Sunseeker yachts that are fully tailored to meet the needs of individual customers. Especially in their design – both outside and inside– these yachts offer ample room for customization. The first yachts in the new series feature Esthec decks in natural colours. Esthec & Sunseeker, turning heads.

Sunseeker yachts are known for their wide range of design options. Esthec is a perfect addition, offering an endless number of possible combinations of form and colour. This versatility does not impact on the functionality of the decks, because Esthec is produced from high-quality material. It requires a minimum of maintenance, does not splinter and is extremely durable. From an ecological point of view, Esthec© decks are a perfect choice in current times. No trees need to be cut down and it is produced in a very environment-friendly way.

The new Sunseeker 28 Metre Yacht with Esthec decking and capping can be admired at the London Boat Show 2012, from 6 to 15 January.

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