Superyacht A hauled out in Malta

The 119 metre Blohm & Voss built superyacht A is currently hauled out at Palumbo Shipyard where the entire yacht will be covered and prepared for a new coat of paint. Other routine maintenance works will be performed over the winter period. Superyact A’s stern section was re-sprayed last year in New Zealand.

In addition to A, Palumbo SuperYachts reports that a fleet of other yachts visited their facilities in Malta and Marseilles over the past season and will be making use of their refit services during the winter months. Maltes Falcon for instance is back in Malta where she will be prepared for her 10 year Lloyds survey.

At Palumbo’s ITM shipyard in Marseille, business has been good over the past season with visits from the 70m Skat, 55m Steel, 60m Slipstream and 71m Titania, who is currently in Abu Dhabi. The 74 metre CRN superyacht Yalla and 78 metre Royal Denship Pegasus VIII too made use of the yard’s facilities and expertise recently. The facility located in the south of France has become very popular thanks to its four dry docks ranging from 80 to 126 metres in length, and an overall surface of 1200 square metres.

Palumbo reports that significant resources are going into the development of their facilities in Marseilles and Malta to make the experience more attractive for crew. Crew lounges, barbeque areas, gymnasiums and games rooms will soon be a feature crew can look forward to at the Marseille sfacility, as is already the case in Malta.

By Charl van Rooy



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