Superyacht Aglaia lifted out of the water in Mallorca

At the weekend, STP hoisted the super-sloop Aglaia, the biggest yacht ever to have been lifted clear of the water in Mallorca. She also has the world's second longest (at 83 metres) mast in the world. Speaking to STP News, Aglaia's captain, Marc Stevens, considered that safety must come first for big boats like this one. That is why he chose STP for hoisting this spectacular super-sloop: safety measures are a core value for STP, whose premises have recently been upgraded to meet the highest standards of quality and innovation.

Having worked with STP since 2008, Aglaia's captain confirmed that he has every confidence in the STP team's professionalism - all the more so since the intricate job of hoisting her was carried off successfully. After first being launched in September 2011 the sailing yacht moored at STP to have all the operations to improve the rigging mechanisms carried out, and now she's been lifted out of the water for antifouling painting, work on her superstructure, and other servicing.

STP-Servicios Técnicos Portuarios (Harbour Technical Group) is part of the IPM Group of recreational sailing sector companies in Mallorca, Ibiza and Valencia, which manages marinas and boatyards, including Marina Port de Mallorca and Varadero Valencia.

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