Tech 101: The AV/IT monitoring tools that detect onboard problems before you do

Written by Jo Usmar

You’ve been looking forward to your summer superyacht break for months. The itinerary is exciting, the weather is beautiful and the crew are eager to set off. But then an alarm sounds from the AV room and the yacht is left with no internet, TV, movies or music… Not a perfect holiday.  Seven Sins yacht anchored off AnguillaPhoto: Charl van Rooy / SuperYacht TimesTechnology integration specialist Van Berge Henegouwen (VBH) knows that time onboard a superyacht is precious. No one wants to spend a trip dealing with technical faults – especially when many of them are avoidable if caught early. 

VBH has worked on some of the world’s most spectacular vessels – over 200 for yards such as Abeking & Rasmussen, Amels, Feadship, Fincantieri, Heesen, Lürssen, Oceanco – creating intelligent onboard systems that are continuously monitored by highly specialised field service engineers. Van Berge Henegouwe AV/IT servicePhoto: Van Berge HenegouweOffering a range of solutions for lighting, user interfaces, connectivity, entertainment systems and security, VBH also provides clients with a unique IP Monitoring Tool. This tool continuously monitors AV/IT and communication systems onboard, preemptively generating reports on possible issues so they can be dealt with before the ominous alarm stage. It provides overviews and status reports on the health of the system and allows users to monitor everything in real-time via custom alerts. Plus, VBH’s manned support desk is monitoring the yachts every day.VBH AV/IT monitoring user interface mock up Photo: Patrick Schneider“We monitor equipment and try to predict critical problems that may occur in the future,” said VBH’s fleet service director, Brian Faerber. “For example, if you have a server fault, we’ll know beforehand – we manage the system before it gets to the ‘alarm stage’. We then provide advice to the crew, responsible person, or technical officer. The technical officer will have the same dashboard monitor themselves as we do in the office. Together we track the performance and condition of all the tech connected to the system.”VBH AV/IT monitoring user interface mock up Photo: Jackson HayesVBH has been in the business of integrating technology on superyachts for more than half a century, building an impressive reputation through its pioneering work on well over 200 vessels in the global fleet. The company knows that stopping trouble before it starts is the key to effective technology management and, to that end, its team of dedicated professionals and service coordinators are ready to respond to calls no matter the time zone or location of the yacht. VBH marketing VBH quietly works behind the scenes to ensure you’ll need never know they’re there – so you can enjoy your time onboard in peace. For more information on VBH and their products, contact the company directly via the information found below.



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