Superyacht building in Turkey

Turkish shipyards are on the rise and 4 of them have joined forces to raise the profile of Turkish shipyards, they are RMK Marine, Dunya, Proteksan and Numarine. In this article Mehmet Karabeyoglu of Proteksan-Turquoise writes about the different Turkish shipyards.

During the last 10 years luxury yacht building in Turkey has increased in popularity and capacity. The type of yacht builders currently fall into 3 categories based on the structure of their organization and facilities.

The first category of boat builders are generally small workshops owned by individuals who have been building boats of all sizes mainly out of wood. Over the years the size of vessels has increased and production methods have been modernized. The old style of carvel planking on cut frames is gone and has been replaced by wood epoxy planking over laminated keel and frames. Several significantly sized yachts have been constructed using this method, predominately motor boats or traditional ketches called “gullets”; these yachts can reach up to 50 metres.

Another common sight in Turkey is a 3 deck hard chine motor yacht which is normally around 40-42 metres. These groups of vessels are the most cost effective builds offering excellent value for money.

The second group is shipyards with good corporate identities, well known brand names, modern facilities and well educated and experienced engineers. The yachts produced in this category range from 20 metres up to 70-80 metres. Smaller sizes tend to be in composite with planing hulls and the larger ones mainly steel and aluminum.

Many of these yards have been producing yachts equal to European quality with MCA, ABS and Lloyd’s certifications.

The third group is the production boat builders for smaller boats. This group is still in its early stages but is seeing rapid growth as they gain experience to become more and more efficient.

There are also certain foreign yards who are choosing to have facilities in Turkey and are starting to deliver complete vessels with their brand name, entirely built in Turkey. It should not be any surprise to see that Turkey will keep increasing their share of the market providing an excellent opportunity for buyers to achieve a great combination of quality and good value.

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By Mehmet Karabeyoglu



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