Superyacht Christopher due to race at St Barths Bucket

Following a smooth and efficient build, construction Christopher is nearing completion and with the launch due this winter Christopher will be ready to race in the St Barths Bucket in March 2011. As her first public event the yacht is sure to make a stunning spectacle as she competes alongside almost 40 superyachts, including another Pendennis new build Rebecca.

At the end of 2008 Pendennis announced the partnership with Ron Holland Design and Palm Beach Yachts International to build a new 46m performance cruising ketch. The project’s main challenge was the delivery schedule, with the objective to deliver the yacht early 2011.

Pendennis was awarded the project partially due to their capacity to adapt their workflow process, offering a flexible approach to the initial design programme and ability to fast track the start of production. Pendennis’ quality of construction and finishing was also a key influence on the decision to award this new build contract.

With the first delivery of aluminum in April 2009, between January and March Pendennis worked tirelessly alongside Ron Holland design to generate all of the structural 3D designs, pre-empting a 22month production schedule from the first delivery of the aluminum kit.

The challenge was to facilitate a swift delivery without compromising on the signature Pendennis world class quality of design, build and finishing. As Ron Holland explains “the goal of our clients was to ensure that the very finest workmanship and equipment was employed. With S.Y. Christopher at an advanced stage of construction we are confident that when she launches, this new yacht will be seen to be a state-of-the-art example of the very best in superyacht design and construction.’

By investing heavily in the initial in-house 3D design process every aspect of the hull fabrication was pre-planned in precise detail pre-empting any build issues and thereby creating a more efficient production flow. It was also essential to develop a completely new approach to the build process itself, reorganising Pendennis’ department structures and even changing the internal culture to emphasis the 6th September 2010 critical delivery path throughout the project. In order to implement a swift large scale commercial-style production process alongside yacht-specific detailed production and finishing requirements Pendennis also adopted a compartmental build approach throughout the construction of the boat. This enabled the various trades to work alongside each other in different compartments without delaying other aspects of the build, for example one section would be undergoing technical fitting whilst another was ready for the painting or finishing stages. This successful approach will be carried forward to future new build projects.

Crucial to the success of the project has been a close client partner relationship which has enabled an efficient decision-making process throughout. Pendennis has been working directly with the owner’s representative, Duane MacPhail of Palm Beach Yachts International, from the start of the project. By nurturing this dialogue and tightly controlling all aspects of the build in-house Pendennis was able to respond effectively to client requests, directly overseeing all aspect of the project thereby guaranteeing attention to detail throughout: “Pendennis’ detailed pre-build planning and flexible project approach will enable Christopher to be delivered within the tight deadline as required. Following this successful project Palm Beach Yachts International is already talking to Pendennis about new projects and enquiries.”

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