Superyacht coatings processes take centre stage at ISCC

As the finish of a superyacht is of paramount importance to the success of the overall project, the process takes up a significant share of both building time and costs. However, concerns have been raised in the industry regarding the evaluation of the coating’s finish. In response to this, the upcoming International Superyacht Coatings Conference (ISCC), which will be held on 11 to 12 December 2014 at Amsterdam RAI, will present a new Registered Marine Coatings Inspector course (RMCI) that is designed to change the status quo of coatings inspection.

Leading players in the marine coatings and associated fields have come together to establish a new standard and develop a formal qualification aimed at educating marine surveyors about the specifics of superyacht coatings. Due to a need to maintain inspection standards globally, the Marine Survey Academy (the training division of the International Institute of Marine Surveying) has developed a tailored RMCI course manual in conjunction with contributions by several respected industry representatives.

A pilot RMCI course was recently held where thirteen industry representatives from shipyards, refit yards, paint manufacturers and applicators dedicated five days to evaluating the proposed content. The first commercial course is now ready to be launched in Amsterdam in December, just prior to ISCC 2014.

The RMCI course has been developed as a tool to improve superyacht coatings processes and contributes to the ISCC’s key message of ‘driving quality and ensuring success’. This year’s ISCC programme will therefore include a dedicated session on the new course in order to inform the audience about the background, aims and anticipated effects of the course on the superyacht coatings industry.

All interested parties are encouraged to attend this session as it will go into detail regarding the course’s application. In addition, a newly qualified marine surveyor will report on his experiences and how the RMCI will impact the inspection process of superyacht coatings going forward. All delegates present will be requested to endorse and adopt this course in order to establish a common enforcement strategy within the industry.

Naturally the ISCC-Programme will explore and highlight much more and offers, accompanied by 25+ international experts from the superyacht coatings industry, a full spectrum of topics including: coatings contracting and delivery; inspection and assessments; the demands of legislation; surface preparations and their effects on coating quality as well as measurement and maintenance of coatings.

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