Superyacht conversion project Ambriabella underway in Italy

The Italian Quaiat Shipyard, based in Trieste, is specialized in maintenance services, building and refitting of super yachts. The yard will present the restoration project of the historical motor vessel Ambriabella at this year's Monaco Yacht Show. The vessel has sailed the northern Adriatic Sea for decades after her launching in 1962, together with her twin ship Dionea, which was converted into a superyacht a couple of years ago.

After going out of serivce, Ambriabella went to Greece, where her current owners found her after 9 years of passionate research, some 40 km from Piraeus. A tugboat brought her back home to Trieste.

The ambitious project involves a group of Italian entrepreneurs operating in the industry - who deal with mechanical repair works, restoration of historical objects, naval design and consulting - and includes the total conversion of the vessel in a luxury superyacht to bring Ambriabella back to her former glory, with her one-of-a-kind, exceptionally elegant early-1960s outline, but giving her a contemporary twist.

The new Ambriabella will accommodate up to 12 guests, in six large suites, and 9 crew members. The materials, the design and every single detail of the restoration project reflects the best contemporary Made-in-Italy style. On the technical side of this, there three alternative propulsion types: traditional, diesel electric and hybrid.

The complex re-fitting and setting up of this 52 meters will be carried out by Quaiat Yard in Trieste, with the support of a team of renowned architects and designers, allowing the complete re-building of the vessel within two years.

The fusion of the hull classical lines and the innovative modern interior design makes this project really unique in its kind, arousing great interest among potential owners looking for a beautiful historical ship to restore, having the chance to give her their personal touch and write her new history in the first person.

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