Superyacht design studio Zuccon International Project launches new website

The website of Zuccon International Project, the architecture and design company run by the designers Gianni Zuccon and Paola Galeazzi, is now online at The new website, which has an Italian and an English version, was designed by Bernardo Zuccon with consultancy by Andreasculati Agency, and developed by the web agency Roberto Fonio.

The website is clear and easy to browse, even though there is a considerable amount of content. Only a click is required to access all the available menus. Each of the three main sections of the website (“Company”, “Project” and “R&D”) has a main menu. The “Company" section provides general information about the company, including the CVs of the founders (Mr Gianni Zuccon and Ms Paola Galeazzi) and their closest collaborators, the company’s history and the philosophy underlying its work.

The largest section is the “Project” section. It contains pictures and descriptions of some of the most important projects the company has worked on during its thirty years of activity, divided into specific sectors (boating, industrial architecture, office architecture, housing and automotive). The third section is an introduction to the R.D.C., the company’s Research and Development Centre. It contains a description of the most recent experimental projects.

Zuccon International Project
+39 06 370 1571
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