Superyacht designers create luxury watch for charity

Written by Charl van Rooy

German luxury watch brand, Moritz Grossmann is to produce a new range of watches aimed at the superyacht community. The first designs of the range will be presented at this weekend’s Superyacht Charities Annual Ball where attending guests will select the winning design submitted by three top superyacht design studios.

ThirtyC Design, Dixon Yacht Design, and Tony Castro Design design have each put their unique spin on three watches from the existing Moritz Grossmann line. “This was a great opportunity to lend the studio’s hand to the world of watch design and was pleased to be supporting the charity at the same time,” commented Rob Armstrong of ThirtyC Design.

Superyacht Charities is supporting the Sail4Cancer and Turn to Starboard charitable foundations this year, and hopes to reach its funding target of £70,000 set for 2017 by involving a prestigious brand as the German watchmaker. Christine Hutter, CEO of Moritz Grossmann, will present the winning designer with the first watch to be produced at the event this weekend.



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