Superyacht Global (SYG) offers vessels shore side support

SuperyachtGLOBAL (SYG) is an affiliation between selected companies creating a network of professional and reliable service providers to offer vessels shore side support in key locations globally. SYG evolved out of SuperyachtASIA which was founded in 2007. With the success of SuperyachtASIA it was a natural progression to expand the affiliation globally. SYG now has members covering the entire Indian Ocean and with its new European members covers a large part of the Mediterranean.

The affiliation is open to further expansion and is currently looking for members in the Americas. The goal of SYG is to offer a professional high quality service encompassing vital local knowledge to ensure all yachts and crews get the best out of each individual cruising ground. Working closely together with superyacht owners, managers, captains and crews the SYG members deliver a seamless support network for vessels worldwide. To give an example of the scope of what SuperyachtGLOBAL can achieve: A vessel in dry dock in Italy required new shafts. All locally quoted shafts had a lead time in excess of six months.

The SYG member in Australia sourced a set of shafts with a lead time of just ten weeks within days in Singapore. Begum Yachting, the member in Turkey who operates Barka Shipyard in Bodrum, announces that in May 2009 they are opening a new comprehensive refit center in the newly opened Didim D-Marin Marina near Kusadasi.

The facility is laid out on 60.000 sqm of hard stand area, including two climate controlled sheds of 14 meters by 60 meters and a height of 11.2 meters. Each shed has a 5 ton gantry crane overhead and is accessible by a 400 ton travel lift. Begum Yachting is highly experienced and can handle a complete refit of any type of yacht that will fit into the facility. Please contact Christoph Schaefer or any of the members if you have any further questions about a cruising area or a specific company.

SuperyachtGLOBAL (SYG)
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