Superyacht Inflatables: Taking your yacht to the next level

Written by Francesca Webster

Today life on the water aboard a superyacht is about more than beautiful interiors and delicious food. There is barely a superyacht worth its salt that doesn’t come equipped with a whole host of toys to help guests enjoy the water more than ever before. The superyacht toys manufacturer Superyacht Inflatables is the expert when it comes to kitting out your superyacht and now they have an even bigger and more awesome range of inflatables to take your time onboard to the next level.Sea pool from Superyacht Inflatables of SYTTManufactured from the most environmentally friendly materials available, Superyacht Inflatables products have a huge advantage over traditional PVC inflatable products. Unique modular designs can be created using their unique DWF TPU fabric. They are currently the only industry manufacturer to use this double wall fabric for this application, which unlike traditional PVC does not contain any plasticisers which can leach into the ocean. All their materials comply with REACH standards and we believe them to be the most eco-friendly available in the industry.

Superyacht Inflatables regularly get asked for multiple products that can be stored separately but used together, with this in mind they have developed a super safe quick zip system which literally zips different dock components together enabling any combination of pools and docks to be efficiently stored and deployed. 

Sea Pools

If you love the ocean but don’t like getting stung by jellyfish, or having your toes tickled by the fish, a great option for your superyacht could be Superyacht Inflatable’s sea pools. These pools are made to your specifications and are the perfect way to keep an eye on the little ones during days on the water, with the option for sun beds and loungers to be incorporated into the design. With a stellar history of delivering sea pools, some as long as 20-metres, Superyacht Inflatables are tried and tested manufacturers of these fantastic superyacht toys.  Inflatable sea pool from Superyacht Inflatables of SYTTJet Ski, eFoil and SeaBob Docks

Superyacht Inflatables creates more than just fun inflatables, they also create a series of practical inflatables that can make your life onboard even more seamless. One example are the floating docks for your Jet Skis, eFoils and SeaBobs, perfect for the days at anchor when guests are in and out of the water, using the full array of toys on offer. The platforms are strong and sturdy, with a non-slip surface and ballast bags for extra stability.Jet Ski dock from Superyacht Inflatables of SYTT T dock from Superyacht Inflatables of SYTTWork and Utility Platforms

Not only can Superyacht Inflatables floating platforms be used for guest use, but they can also be employed by the crew when working on complicated repairs to the outside of your yacht. Now your crew can make repairs while at anchor, without having to launch the tenders. Platforms can also come with two covers, one for guest use and one for crew use, meaning they have a practical dual purpose. 

Solemates swim platform from Superyacht Inflatables of SYTTBeach Clubs

The floating beach clubs are the perfect option for those times when you need a little extra length on your superyacht. These can be customised to suit your specific needs, extending your usable deck space and offering an array of seating and lounging areas, acting as the perfect place to relax in the heat of the day, only steps away from the water.Beach club from Superyacht Inflatables of SYTT


Designed in-house and custom made specifically for your superyacht, Superyacht Inflatables slides are one of their most popular products. All of the pieces can be custom decorated with your own personal colour, the name of your yacht and any logo that your heart desires. Slides are one of the best ways to enjoy your time at anchor.Slide from Superyacht Inflatables of SYTTSUPs

One of the most popular superyacht toys, SUPs, are enjoyed by people of all ages, whether for bodyboarding on the beach, surfing the waves or exploring the coastline. With Superyacht Inflatables expertise, you can design SUPs that meet all your needs and they are quick to inflate and easy to store!


Easy to inflate and perfect for beautiful days in the sunshine, loungers can be tethered to the yacht so guests can sit, read a book and enjoy a cocktail, all while floating in the big blue. For an extra premium feel, these can come with unique covers for extra comfort. 

Sea pool from Superyacht Inflatables of SYTTAqua Parks

If one slide isn’t enough for you and your guests, how about a whole amusement park floating on the water and made just for you! Aqua parks come in a variety of sizes and can include areas for swimming, floating and bathing. You can build your own course, to challenge your guests and enjoy a workout on the water.

Whatever your superyacht inflatable needs might be, Superyacht Inflatables has the answer, so why not get in touch with their in house design team and see how they can help with your next project:



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