The role of a superyacht Interior Manager

Written by Laura Nicholls

From behind the scenes, interior managers are the ones who make sure that the bouquets match the colour scheme, the intricate details of dinner service are perfected, crew skills are optimised and all inevitable wear-and-tear imperfections are fixed. Working as part of a management company, interior managers are the people who, despite not being present on board, largely contribute to the owner’s experience. “No two days are the same,” explained Imperial’s Will McLellan, who has worked as Interior Manager for superyachts such as the 49.9-metre superyacht Rush, hull number five of the Mangusta 165 range from the Overmarine shipyard and is now for sale.Rush yacht anchordAs management companies like Imperial continue to foster dedicated teams of marine professionals to offer the industry ‘360-degree global’ superyacht services, McLellan and the team of interior managers are an invaluable part of these efforts. However, despite it being “unusual for a management company to have an active and involved interior team,” the Imperial interior team, has expanded from two to five, “which just shows the increased demand and consideration to all superyacht interiors,” adds McLellan.   Rush yacht sidedeckThe demand for attention to superyacht interiors goes further than just what is seen on the walls, as the team also helps to support the vessel throughout the year, especially during the winter season when important refits, refurbishment and upkeep can be carried out. Supporting and overseeing the crew is another large responsibility in addition to crew recruitment, service presentation and standard onboard procedures.Rush yacht main saloonAs any crew member will tell you, keeping a superyacht ticking over requires 24-hour care and attention, which for those managing all interior operations, as McLellan explains, can bring its unique challenges: “Every day there are challenges! Crew issues, provisioning, winter works and refits and ensuring vessels are operational when they need to be. Challenges are everywhere, even when trying to locate small items or supervise a dinner party for 15 people, but it makes our days exciting!” Rush yacht dining roomThe perks of the job come when interior managers get to share their diligence during some of the many industry yacht shows throughout the year. When a show fleet is on display, it is a perfect platform for a superyacht and its interiors to be shown off. “It is always a busy time, but enjoyable!” commented McLellan. “Whenever she is at a show, Rush always impresses and surprises viewers with her large interior volumes, ceiling height and the flexibility of her rooms. I find her several informal and formal dining options, four sun areas and spa really impressive - and not forgetting her fantastic chef! Rush certainly isn’t ‘just another Mangusta!’”Rush yacht dining roomThese shows also help exhibit a whole array of new innovations. Many superyachts boast spectacular and custom-made features such as panoramic glass sheet windows, sensory lighting systems and large built-in aquariums. As Interior Manager, Will McLellan knows Rush well, and by having followed her construction due to Imperial's position as build-supervisor and owner’s representative, he saw how her special features came to life. Her 12 guests can make use of the pivoting dining and coffee table and spa facilities, including a massage room and steam room. “Whenever she is at a show, Rush always impresses and surprises viewers with her large interior volumes, ceiling height and the flexibility of her rooms. I find her several informal and formal dining options, four sun areas and spa really impressive,” McLellan recalls.Rush yacht deck dining detailMaintaining the skills to help manage a yacht with a lot of innovative features is another exciting aspect of the role, “especially when how to use the thing is not immediately apparent!” As proven by Rush and her nomination in the best two-deck semi-displacement motor yacht category during the 2011 World Superyacht Awards, upholding a high standard of maintenance certainly pays off. “We manage these features by making sure that we keep on top of maintenance and care for them properly when we use the item and clean it. It is also important to make the crew aware of the sophistication and complexity of some of these facilities,” adds McLellan. Rush stateroom Photo: Imperial YachtsOverall, the undercover role of the Interior Manager is equally demanding as it is rewarding. So, for those who are perhaps considering a career move, or are seeking to employ an interior manager themselves, what exactly is it that makes a good interior manager? McLellan explains: “The key point to being good at this job is to understand that no two days are the same. For instance, one day I will be managing seriously complex and high-luxury assets. This is a meticulous process and it must be precise. Another day, I will be overseeing all the standard procedures onboard such as crew recruitment and service presentation. An average day-to-day is not common in this position!”Rush massage room Photo: Imperial YachtsTo find out more about Imperial’s team of interior managers and their services, and superyacht Rush, who is currently listed as a yacht for sale, contact the company directly by using the details found below.



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