Superyacht Kestrel to debut at Antibes Yacht Show

Adrian McCourt will introduce an entirely new breed of sailing superyacht to the public for the first time at AYS. Designed by the renowned Ron Holland, Kestrel is a superb fusion of the best aspects of motor yacht, sailing yacht and beach house, designed specifically to put the fun back into family sailing, and to open ownership of large sailing yachts to a wider audience.

The entire focus of the yacht is to make it a delightful and secure place to spend quality family leisure time for both sailors and non-sailors alike. There are 4 generous sleeping cabins where normally there is only space for 3, and a variety of large entertainment spaces above and below deck which easily adapt to your every need. The sliding cockpit seats allow intimate dining when brought together, can be slid apart to form a conventional cockpit or slid completely outboard to form a cocktail party space/dance floor. Sailing systems are placed where they do not interfere with social activity.

The 32.4-metre dark blue Kestrel offers accommodation and entertainment spaces normally only found on much larger sailing yachts, combined with high stability but with no downside on her excellent sailing performance. The hull volume is some 30% greater than other yachts of this size bracket designed by Ron Holland. As yacht efficiently powered predominantly by sail her green credentials are significantly better than those of a motor yacht of similar volume.

Kestrel is ketch rigged for ease of handling and has crew accommodation for 4. She is the first of a semi-custom series where mast configuration, keel depth, layout and even length can be altered within the overall concept. Uniquely she is probably also the only entirely new 100-foot sailing yacht completed and ready for immediate sale in the world today.



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