Superyacht Leander makes history at Nelson's Dockyard

Motor Yacht Leander has arrived in Antigua in time for the 50th Anniversary of the Antigua Charter Yacht Show and in doing so has created history. For Leander itself, although it has been coming to Antigua since 1992, it is the first time it has entered the Antigua Charter Yacht Show.

At 245 feet it is the second largest yacht to enter the show in 2011, the largest being Air at 266 feet, and to celebrate both the 50th Antigua Charter Yacht Show and the 50th year of restoration of Nelson's Dockyard has chosen the historic marina as it's home base for the duration of the show and in fact the season.

Captain Julian Cope said "It is exciting to make history in this way. Leander is officially the largest yacht to have ever docked at Nelson's Dockyard Marina and I would encourage other motor yachts to consider doing so. The beautiful and historic surroundings are a wonderful backdrop to the event and our time spent in Antigua".

He also wanted to pass on enormous thanks to both the Antigua Charter Yacht Show team and the Nelson's Dockyard Marina employees "They have pulled out all the stops to complete the upgrading of the dinghy dock and moorings in time for the show. We are truly thankful and look forward to a wonderful show".

Leander is available for charter with Peter Insull’s Yacht Marketing.

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Photo by Maarten Janssen



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