SYM: The missing ingredient for Northrop & Johnson

Superyacht Management (SYM) had much to celebrate during the early months of the year as it fell into the folds of Northrop & Johnson (N&J). Ben Young, Founder & Managing Director of SYM, retold how exciting the year’s been so far, and what SYM and its clients have to look forward to in the future. Northrop & Johnson acquires Superyacht Management Company SYMPhoto: Northrop & Johnson“We’re definitely coming to the end of our busiest summer yet,” Young explained. “The obvious reason is the pandemic, restrictions being lifted and the release of pent up demand. But we also now have N&J supporting our team coupled with a new pipeline of inquiries. It’s a really exciting and vibrant time for SYM.” 

The partnership between SYM and N&J was forged in April and in the first four months period SYM delivered an astounding nine new motor yachts, and saw an increase in inquiries for third party charters. “The weather helps of course, but we’ve got bookings all throughout September and even into October in some cases. Interest in yachting has been electric these last months,” Young added. Northrop and Johnson Yacht Show“It was impossible to ignore N&J’s move into Europe, especially after seeing some high-profile brokers moving across to the traditionally America-centric business. A number of offices were opening in Monaco and even Antibes, close to where we’re based, but they were yet to add yacht management to their portfolio,” Young explained. “We’re well aligned as we’re both customer driven. It’s an excellent relationship based on respect; we want to provide the best level of service, as we know that they're the people that make this whole thing turn.”

Janine St.Denis, N&J Content Marketing & Events Manager, echoed this sentiment: “In order to provide our clients with that really full sphere we needed to add yacht management. And SYM just fits seamlessly within our folds. From our side of things, it was really about rounding out the full service yachting experience for our clients, and providing them with every aspect of their yachting journey.”Superyacht Management (SYM)Photo: Superyacht Management (SYM)As part of this commitment to provide a full sphere, MarineMax, the parent company for N&J and SYM, recently acquired IGY Marinas, which looks to bring great fruits for SYM. “It's a fledgling relationship, and all the organisation is still being mapped out, but we definitely see it as being beneficial, and we're looking forward to what that looks like,” St.Denis said. 

Young has a clear and refreshing vision for the future of SYM: “to be the best in the business, but on a much larger scale.” After being in the business for 28 years now, Young can now step back from the more mundane areas of business operations, leaving areas such the accounts and VAT returns to N&J, freeing him up to focus on what matters most to him: the clients. “We’re looking to grow the list of services we provide, our client base, while providing support to  the worldwide N&J sales team,” Young said. “As an ex captain, I know how important it is to remember that we're service providers. We're there to support the captains, support the owners, and help them deliver the best time for the clients that are onboard.”

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