Superyacht of the Week: Luminous Latona

Written by Charl van Rooy

Each year, there are a handful superyacht launches that linger in my mind, for various reasons, than most projects when they are first revealed. Be it for their sheer size, crazy design features, globetrotting capabilities or even a memorable christening ceremony that was shared with the shipyard, there is always something that makes these stand-out projects more impressive than others. The 50-metre custom motor yacht Latona, I thought, would be remembered as one of the most vibrant superyachts of the year thanks to her bright turquoise hull, but digging deeper, I found that her fantastically tasteful interior and comprehensive amenities list might just be even more spectacular.Latona cruisingPhoto: CRN

Latona was built by CRN together with a passionate owner with a keen eye for the finer things in life. That luminous hull is not meant to attract unwanted attention or used as a statement to surrounding yachts, and it is only when you step on board that you realise Latona’s exterior is merely a continuation of the tranquil and highly sophisticated interior that hides behind her Zuccon exterior. The Italian studio worked closely with CRN’s in-house department of designers on both the interior and exterior with a high level of customisation throughout, inspired by the famous fast-cruising Superconero from the 1960s. Latona cruisingPhoto: CRNLatona cruisingPhoto: CRN

And talking about that hull, the paint used for the finish is a special blend that radiates a unique luminosity depending on weather conditions and the intensity of the surrounding water that Latona finds herself in. Latona cruisingPhoto: CRN

Time spent on Latona is all about the good life; family, friends and sunshine with no small amounts of elegance and savoir-faire. Alfresco areas are scattered all around the yacht as an ode to all that makes the Mediterranean lifestyle so special. The best way to reach all of these spaces is by tender which is an experience on its own. Latona anchoredPhoto: CRN

Forget about boarding this superyacht at the stern like you have in the past. Lotana’s lower deck is used as a private marina for her Castoldi jet tender that, under ideal sea conditions, can gently slide inside her hull and drop guests off in the comfort of the beach club surrounded by loungers and bar as the start of a wonderful stay on board. Latona tender garagePhoto: CRNLatona tender bayPhoto: CRNLatona beach clubPhoto: CRN

The sundeck is a typical seaside resort setup with a grand family-sized dining table, intimate bar area top port and an open-plan sunbathing area up forward. That bright turquoise colour of the hull stretches all the way up here and guarantees a blue sky view no matter what the weather conditions are like.Latona diningPhoto: CRN

For more formal occasions, guests head down to the upper aft deck where things get a bit more serious. This entire deck is dedicated to music and classical genres of the 1920s have been used as inspiration wherever possible. Pass the dining area outside, guests arrive in the upper saloon where you will immediately notice the lyre-inspired sofa and matching carpet detail of this magical musical instrument. The room will not be complete without an actual instrument, and the white-lacquered grand piano in the corner ticks this box.Latona deckPhoto: CRNLatona saloonPhoto: CRN

Another important part of the life on board Latona, and every other superyacht, is the cuisine and guests will not be disappointed. Here on the main deck, set in a Parisian environment, the owner made sure his galley is located right behind the dining area with a hatch cut through the wood panelling to make service from stove to table as seamless as possible. Latona diningPhoto: CRN

After dinner, guests can recline in the spacious main saloon or step out on deck where a balcony on either side of the room offers a breath of fresh air before retiring for the evening.Latona anchoredPhoto: CRN

The owner’s apartment is forward on the main deck past the beautiful floral-decorated lobby and spiralled main staircase. The apartment opens up into a lounge as an exclusive private area for the owners and comes with a balcony on the starboard side that acts as a reminder again that you are in fact at sea and not a hillside chateau.Latona owner suitePhoto: CRN

The suite is finished in dark walnut wood and light-blue velvet fabrics. The soft and curvy lines of the furniture and the white wool and silk carpeting decorated with the dark brown embroidery are the same that run across the entire yacht.Latona owner suitePhoto: CRN

The eight additional guests are all accommodated on the lower accommodation deck. Two double VIP cabins can be found aft, decorated with fabric-lined panels and lacquered panels while the two twin cabins are placed forward, each with their own en-suite bathroom.Latona guest cabinPhoto: CRNLatona VIP cabinPhoto: CRN

Get a look at Latona for yourself at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show taking place next month where she will certainly become CRN’s star of the event. Latona anchoredPhoto: CRN



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