Superyacht of the Week: pursuing Pink Gin VI

Written by Charl van Rooy

Known for their boundary-pushing DNA when it comes to the development of sailing yacht innovations, the team at Baltic Yachts took on a challenge that, even for them, was considered daunting. Building the world’s largest carbon fibre sloop doesn’t happen overnight and add to that a list of technical firsts, the project soon turned into every designer and engineer’s dream and worst nightmare. But, Baltic’s ingenuity proved to be the key to making this project not only a reality but as yachts such as My Song and Hetairos before her, a major success.  Pink Gin VI cruisingPnk Gin VI profile

Life on board the new Pink Gin is designed to be fun, 100% natural and every bit as comfortable as your own home. Safety at sea and comfort with the sails up was another key requirement along with having race-class performance on tap. This is where Judel/Vrolijk’s expertise came in handy; a team who knows a thing or two about efficiency and speed when it comes to hull designs for super sailing yachts. Designed to cruise at 12-14 knots, with Pink Gin’s crew at full alert this lady in pink is expected reach far higher speeds if needed. Pnk Gin VI sailing

Performance aside, in many ways Pink Gin became a platform for her owner and Baltic engineers to test what is possible in the field of innovation and creating custom solutions to problems that before never even existed. A much talked-about feature of this 53.9-metre all-carbon sloop is the ability to have two large hull openings, one forward on the starboard side of the master suite, and another midships to port. Pink Gin VI folding plateform

And rightfully so once you understand the level of creativity and engineering spirit that was required to have these areas not only function reliably each time it is opened but the stresses these hatches have to deal with when under sail. The solution was to have each hatch act as a part of the hull instead of diverting stresses around them. Gurit's expertise in the field of composite engineering played a vital role in this part of the design process.Pnk Gin VI exterior detail

The sailing experience also called for a new approach and Baltic’s team responded with a force feedback steering system that translates the pressures acting on the 4-metre-deep high aspect ratio rudder into active and dynamic feedback that the helmsman can absorb and respond to. In addition, turning the wheel itself is made simple by the hydraulic-assisting solutions that provide the helmsman with all the valuable information without having to struggle at the wheel during longer passages.Pink Gin VI deck Pink Gin VI deck

The interior and on-deck areas’ design is the work of British studio Design Unlimited. The team worked closely with the owner to capture the style and feel that he wanted on board. The result is a fusion of fabrics, tastes, textures and smells throughout the yacht that leaves you inspired and oddly satisfied at the attention to detail that has gone into each cabin and guest area.Pink Gin VI deck

Outside under the shade of the boom bimini hangs two custom Murano glass chandeliers that were designed compress into itself to make storage a breeze when not in use. The slightest breeze creates a magical ambience as the individual glass pieces dance in the wind with a twinkling effect.Pink Gin VI deck

Fashion, art and music turns out were the big inspirations behind the unique vibe on board and the team worked with a list of local artists from around the world to make this happen.Pink Gin 54m Interior

Pink Gin 54m InteriorMaterials were chosen for their ability to age and create a homely feel that would grow with each passing season. Raw materials line the interior and art pieces individually selected adds a true home-away-from-home element to it all. From the baby grand piano and resin-trapped floral table in the saloon, to the handcrafted sliding doors in the master suite, Pink Gin simply has too many hidden gems to mention.Pink Gin 54m Interior



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