Superyacht of the Week: The 55 metre Amels 180 Step One

At the Monaco Yacht Show the renowned Dutch shipyard Amels displayed their very first superyacht in the brand new Amels Limited Editions 180 design. This grand, 55 metre superyacht designed by Tim Heywood was adequately named Step One and features a full custom interior by Rome-based designer Laura Sessa. With the Limited Editions concept, Amels has successfully bridged the gap between semi-custom and full custom superyachts, setting a course to further develop this segment of the industry.

Amels is part of the Dutch family-owned Damen Shipyards Group and currently is the largest and most successful superyacht builder in the Netherlands with nine projects under construction. The Limited Editions range was introduced in 2005 and now includes five designs ranging from 55 to 83 metres (670โ€“2800 Gross Tons). Thirteen Limited Editions yachts have already been delivered, the concept has proven to have a shorter delivery time, higher quality, lower cost and higher re-sale value. All Limited Editions yachts have been delivered on or even ahead of their delivery date.

Step One boasts a sleek and streamlined interior, combining seductively curvy shapes with contemporary details, resulting in an instant classic. She offers a variety of impressive features, one of which is a dual-use, touch-and-go helipad with a maximum take-off weight of 2000 kg. This helipad adds a solid 32 square metres to the already impressive, 24.5 metres long sun deck. The extra-large sun deck is one of many spectacular features that form the evolution in design from the Amels 171, Amels 177 and now the Amels 180.

From first glance, it becomes clear that Step One is a superyacht of a modern style, yet with classic elegance, offering guests a collection of spacious interior areas and large exterior decks. In short, every guest will undoubtedly experience a luxurious sense of space. Compared to the Amels 171, the aft ship was considerably lengthened and extended, allowing the addition of a large private beach club with big stern hatch. From this deluxe, private beach club and the adjacent swimming platform, to the wide and spacious main and upper deck saloons, every area onboard emphasises the precious luxury commodities such as space, natural light and comfort, all in one pleasingly luxurious, tasteful and elegant package.

The routing onboard works really well for both guest and crew. With Thirteen crew onboard, a truly high service level is offered. Her technical installations are impressive too, very professional and very well designed and installed. Here, the constant evolution and feedback from sister ships become apparent. Looking at her from the outside her paint finish is amazing and when you walk onboard she really feels like a ship and is โ€œsolidlyโ€ built but finished as a true jewel with enormous attention to detail and quality of finish.

Step One offers guests a bright and vivacious welcome aboard with the extensive main saloon and aft deck areas, both boasting a contemporary design which touches of classic finesse. Both spaces show similar colour schemes, uniting them and forming one big area for pleasant and comfortable inside-outside living. The aft deck has a large dining table framed by two sofas and a set of armchairs, complimented by crisp white and purple cushions and framed with dramatic vista views.

All this offers an exemplary setting for a large variety of social occasions, especially combined with the main saloon. Compared to the Amels 171, the main saloon has been considerably extended by an impressive 30%, which is being utilised by adding a large bar area to the main lounge, forming an extra luxurious space for lounging and relaxing. As one big, unobstructed living space, the main saloon offers the big bar and pantry area aft, a centrally located luxury lounge and a formal dining room fore, all designed in a bright, contemporary and elegant style. White, crรจme and purple set the tone, the design is all about light and modern style with subtle classic touches. Large surrounding windows allow the organic flow of natural light, perfectly complimenting the colour scheme and forming a breezy, relaxed ambiance.

The lighting found in the base of the bar adds a touch of metropolitan glamour, once again emphasising the versatility of this area. From the lounge, which is cosy and intimate with a modern, purple sofa and adjacent sets of poufs and armchairs, one is guided into the main dining. Again, a fresh and clean design sets the tone for ample stylish meals, perfect for both in formal and informal dining.

This spacious superyacht offers accommodation for up to 12 guests, in a range of 6 suites. Belowdecks, two VIPs, one double and one twin stateroom offer several possibilities, perfectly suitable for varied companies of guests. All staterooms are designed in a pleasant, calm and light atmosphere, based on white and beige with touches of colour here and there. Clean lines, modern shapes and the absence of any abundant detailing turn every stateroom into a soft and friendly dwelling. The en suites are all luxuriously fitted with either a large tub or big shower area, with added extra dressing rooms for the VIP suites. Materials used in the en suites offer a slightly warmer ambiance, equally modern and luxurious.

The fore main deck houses Step One's grand master suite includes a very large office. The master suite offers a lush, full beam stateroom with private lounge and office areas, big walk-in wardrobe and dressing room and a sumptuous en suite bathroom with big tub, separate toilets and a large separate shower area. The layout feels organic, allowing guests to easily move from one area into the next.

In all, the master suite offers light and modern luxury and classic elegance in a luxuriously spacious and private atmosphere.

Upstairs, the spacious yet intimate sky-lounge offers a perfect setting for ample social gatherings, with a white baby grand piano as one of the main eye-catchers. The sky-lounge's wide-body specifications create a lush and spacious look and feel, turning this saloon into a truly remarkable, large yet private lounge area. Big surrounding windows effortlessly allow the flow of natural light, gently framing the fresh colour scheme and modern interior design. Details of vibrant colour can be found throughout, especially in the pieces of modern art. Again, this area perfectly utilises a natural interior-exterior flow, with the luxurious and spacious aft deck offering an additional al fresco dining area plus two private lounge corners.

Moving upstairs, Step One's lush sun deck perfectly completes her wide range of amenities with an area that combines dramatic panoramas with large amounts of space, privacy and luxury. From lounging on a set of large sun pads aft to intimate and private meals at the central dining area, and from relaxing in the big Jacuzzi and on a set of large adjacent sun pads fore, to sunbathing and enjoying the magnificent views from the panoramic platform, complete with luxurious sofas and sun loungers. This platform also functions as the vessel's helipad. With a fully equipped wetbar available, it is easy to imagine the variety of possibilities that this lavish sun deck has to offer.

Managed by Moran Yacht & Ship, Step One is a refined and elegant superyacht, welcoming guests in a particularly light and easy-going ambiance. Luxurious amenities are seamlessly combined with gentle classic-contemporary design, to form a hospitable and, above all, friendly surrounding for every guest. Step One is charming, inviting and luxurious, a perfect take-off for Amels' Limited Editions 180 design. Hopefully, there will be a lot more steps to look forward to.

Currently, the Dutch shipyard is already developing the next step in the Amels Limited Editions 180 design. Various additions will be made to this superyacht, including a folding balcony in the owner's suite, two balconies and side opening doors to be found in the main saloon and sophisticated folding stairs incorporated in the aft swimming platform. The projects that are currently under construction all have full custom interiors by different top-class interior designers.

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Photos by Jeff Brown / Superyacht Media



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