Superyacht of the Week: The 77 metre Smeralda

Launched in the spring of 2012, the magnificent 77 metre superyacht Smeralda surely has been one of the most exciting launches of the year and the largest Australia-built superyacht built to date. Designed by acclaimed Espen ร˜ino and with impressive interiors by Germany-based Andreas Holnburger of Vain Interiors, she is the most advanced addition to the groundbreaking and multiple award-winning Silver Series, and a sister vessel of the 2007 73.3 metres Silver (now Rabdan), and the 2009 Silver Zwei (now Dragonfly). As one of her many trademarks, Smeralda obviously boasts the series' signature sleek and elegant silhouette, which is not merely an eye-catching feature but adds significantly to her functionality and performance. With her golden hull and white superstructure, she takes slender looks to a whole new level and effortlessly combines contemporary elegance with a style uniquely her own. Her exterior design is a blend of refined lines and gentle curves, with her windows forming a rhythmic pattern and adding to her character.

Smeralda seems to derive pleasure from showing off her toned body, sliding through waves like a knife through butter. It is her distinguished sleekness that is at the very core of her conceptual nature, enabling her to retaining extraordinary fuel efficiency without compromising on performance. With a top speed of close to 30 knots and the capability to cover 4,500 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 18 knots, Smeralda is not only lean but impressively green. Her light weight aluminium hull, which is one of the characteristics of the Silver Series, only adds to these impressive stats. She has a kindness to her, with a unique look that is as contemporary and sportive as it is hospitable. Upon discovering what she is all about, it instantly becomes apparent that this is a superyacht that born from a strong concept, with fresh perspectives on both interior and exterior design, as well as performance and sustainability. With several of her spaces being newly conceived with regards to layouts, she obviously aims at offering an optimal outdoor living experience.

Upon boarding, one is immediately given a sumptuous taste of the spirit of Smeralda, with an aft deck lounging area that is nothing short of spectacular. Found here is an area that is highly spacious and purely aimed at guests' utter relaxation in style, boasting a contemporary lounge ambiance with a framing of lush panoramic views to top it all off. With two opposite U-shaped sofas, large aft sun pads and a fully equipped bar, the perfect atmosphere is created for a wide variety of social occasions and pastimes. And with the big bimini shades capable of covering every square inch of the sitting and lounging areas, one can easily enjoy this area either in sun or shade.

The adjacent dining area has been fitted with elegant wraparound sliding glass, transforming this space into a large, light and air-conditioned dining area when closed, or seamlessly integrating with the aft deck lounge area as an al fresco dining area when opened, both with lush vista views to match. The expanded aft beach club at sea level is merely a few steps away, turning the whole area into a section that is the perfect setting for endless variations in social gatherings, entertaining and parties.

The beach club not only offers a spacious setting for endless swimming parties and cocktail hours, but it also boasts a perfect occasion for a variety of relaxing spa-treatments inside. With interiors mostly teak and white, this spacious room effortlessly transforms into a seaside resort with a massage room, hair dressing and beauty salon, an impressive 8 person sauna and gymnasium facilities.

With the aft door opened, the grand swimming platform can be easily utilized as a private outside lounging space, for a refreshing swim after a relaxing spa treatment.

From the main deck dining area, one is led into the grand main saloon. Here, a remarkable space with a pleasant lounge-like look and feel can be found, showing off several of many custom finishes onboard, in a refined Italian-style interior design. Combining contemporary design with a highly enjoyable ambiance, this style is generously applied into every detail, blending modern shapes with luxurious materials. This saloon instantly warmly feels like a home, of the most tasteful and luxurious kind, and with the dining room located aft, it is apparent that traditional layouts have been revised to seamlessly suit the needs of guests in an intuitive manner. The design keenly emphasizes the length of this room, with visual lines predominantly parallel to the vessel's central axis. The room's focal point is located right within a large artwork occupying a large section of the fore wall. This piece, depicting a temple-like arrangement of architectural elements, elegantly accentuates this space's impressive length and demonstrates a smart concept of art being utilized not only as a visual, atmospheric addition to a design but also visually enhancing the interior's spatial dimensions.

This concept of enhancing spatiality is applied throughout the superyacht on several occasions, showing off Smeralda's smart concept and her intelligent sense of style. Being placed at the visual focal point of the main saloon, the artwork also slides down to uncover a large flatscreen plasma television, turning this room into a large private cinema.

The main saloon is divided into an intimate library area aft and a lush and spacious lounge fore, the latter with a truly expansive seating plan, with sliding doors in between. High gloss lacquered American walnut wall paneling and plush, cream coloured carpeting set the tone for the elegant and effortless interior design, inviting guests to come in, sit back and enjoy. The library is designed around a modern, warm beige leather sofa and a set of large ottomans, with integrated bookshelves starboard and a large flatscreen plasma television and sleek cabinet port side. A U-shaped setup of big leather sofas forms the comfortable and inviting heart of the main lounge area, with centrally placed sleek glass-topped tables. Natural light flows in through the big surrounding picture windows, perfectly complementing the delicately streamlined design. Beige leather, cream carpeting and high gloss walnut are main design ingredients, supplemented with gently coloured cushions, a subtle lighting scheme and textures applied unobtrusively. One of Smeralda's many remarkable features is her large array of guest staterooms, which offers sumptuous accommodation to a company of up to 22 guests, including the owner. There are three large VIP staterooms and an impressive six twin cabins, two of which with an additional pullman, to be found on the main fore and lower decks respectively.

All guest staterooms are designed in Smeralda's distinguished style, offering luxurious accommodation in a contemporary style. All guests are welcomed into their own private cocoon of sleek luxury with streamlined shapes, warm materials and a balanced colour palette, all with ample privacy set in a gentle ambiance. With American walnut, famous for it's high quality and rich colours, as a key ingredient for all the staterooms' designs, the ambiance becomes that of a comforting and soothing retreat.

Each stateroom has a luxurious en suite bathroom, all with separate shower areas. Small square tiles in different shades and sheens cover several bathroom walls , adding a playful texture and touches of glamourous sparkle. Like the way Smeralda's layouts have been intelligently reimagined, thinking out of the box where it adds to the onboard experience, there are several smart and refreshing design elements found throughout. One of these features is the covering of porthole windows applied in several guest staterooms and en suites. Here, circular lids are elegantly placed over the windows instead of using traditional draping or shutters, a fresh take on dimming the light and enhancing privacy.

One of the most impressive and spacious features with regards to guest amenities can be found on the upper deck, which is completely designed as an owner's apartment and transcends the traditional concept of a master suite. This is a great example of an exceptionally spacious and stylish owner's accommodation, with an outstanding quality and remarkable finesse. The owner's apartment consists of a large stateroom fore, with all around windows for dramatic vista views beyond the bow, turning the master stateroom into a private observation lounge. The interior is elegant, streamlined and based on luxury materials such as lacquered walnut for wall panels and a rich cream coloured carpeting. The surrounding views are a key ingredient, with the slightly raised bed allowing for optimal enjoyment of the 180 degree vistas. Additionally, the large raised lounging pads fore turn this area into an intimate hideaway framed by picture perfect panoramas, suitable for both day and night. It's very easy to imagine the magical starry skies one can enjoy from this spot, surrounded by the constellations and all in the comfort and coziness of this private luxurious retreat.

From the stateroom, a port side corridor whose functions intelligently changes around every corner can be reached. Starting as a quiet and private office area, flowing into a set of spacious walk-in wardrobes and finally connecting the stateroom to the two sumptuous bathrooms, this area shows yet another great example of the smart use of space onboard. His and her's bathrooms are located port side, the former being a private mini-spa, with lush monsoon shower area and designed with luxury materials in a soothing colour palette. Her's bathroom is an all walnut, teak floored high-gloss modern temple for one's daily rituals, with a gorgeous ambiance and subtle lighting. With a big bath and ample space as key ingredients, the apartment's bathrooms seem not so much to be aimed at functioning as his and her's, but more as a set of luxurious optional for these everyday rituals: one for a more on-the-go refreshing regiment and one for a more elaborate and extended spa-like treatment. Either way, simply having the choice is a sublime luxury in itself.

Aft, the owner's lounge offers an intimate setting for entertaining and relaxing in soothing privacy. Executed in a design scheme similar to the main saloon's elegant style, in a slightly more informal style, added touches of colour in upholstery and art turn this saloon in a private and personal hideaway. With a cream coloured sofa and a set of modern, deep purple armchairs, plus an oval shaped coffee table surrounded by modern, leather-clad chairs, the atmosphere is intimate and warm.

The aft deck offers privacy and space for lounging and al fresco dining, with a dining table seating up to 8 and a set of large aft sun pads at guests' disposal. The vista views are a perfect addition to the ambiance, and one of Smeralda's most exciting features is only a few steps away.

Upstairs, the extensive sun deck can be found, offering a full array of luxury amenities for the enjoyment of all guests. Aft, a big glass fronted Jacuzzi seating and adjacent sun pads can be found, offering a perfect arrangement for soaking up some sun. From here, the fully equipped bar and 10 seat dining table form an intimate yet grand setting with ample possibilities for entertaining, varying social occasions and dining parties. Fore, a large U-shaped sofa and additional set of sun pads complete the sun deck's full scope of amenities, framed by dramatic vista views from wherever you are.

Additionally, the sun deck turns into the perfect location for watching a late night movie or doing a dance or two. With the fully equipped outdoor cinema and night club sound systems available at guests' disposal, entertaining from early morning to late night on Smeralda's sun deck is a breeze.

Smeralda offers an extremely wide range of amenities and luxuries, from her expansive exterior deck areas to her luxurious and stylishly designed interiors. She successfully aims at providing guests with a unique experience, in optimal comfort and style. She is therefore a perfect superyacht for both private sailing and chartering. Her stunning, effortless interiors are contemporary and warm, with a high level attention to detail. And there is still so much more to be discovered. The main fore deck has been reserved for a touch and go helicopter touchdown pad and a set of large gull-wing doors hide her impressive collection of water toys. Among these are two 7.3 metre tenders, jet skis and sea bobs.

Smeralda is offered for sale by Burgess as Worldwide Central Agents. Her asking price is on application.

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By Jochem Kaan, photos by Klaus Jordan



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