Superyacht of the Week: the 77m world explorer Yersin

Travel, explore and teach. These were the words used to describe a committed owner’s dream of building a true deep sea vessel, capable of reaching every ocean in all weather conditions. The 77m MV Yersin is the result of five years of research, imagination and dedication by French shipyard Piriou.

The name Yersin was chosen in honour of the doctor and adventurer who discovered the bacillus responsible for the bubonic plague, Dr Alexandre Yersin. Driven by this achievement, and a childhood dream fuelled by comic characters such as Tintin and Commadent Custeau, an intensive 18 months of technical planning and a further 36 months of construction led to the realisation of a no-nonsense arcticfriendly vessel ready to sail the seven seas.

Embodied with an appearance inspired by the elegance of the 1950's cruise ships, Yersin combines a timeless exterior with cutting-edge technology that will no doubt come in use during her up coming world travels. And she will do so in a highly efficient and eco-friendly manner. Having been awarded the cleanship class notation, Yersin’s main engines comply with tier II emissions standards; a standard of emissions far lower than an ordinary yacht of her size.

Other eco-friendly measures include particulate filters on the exhaust systems, reducing emissions to as little as 0.1%, a hull coating made up of non-sticking silicon material, and an efficient system for managing food waste with storage for up to 50 days. All exterior decks are made of synthetic resin instead of natural teak, discouraging deforestation and eliminating the need for potentially harmful cleaning products. Yersin will be able to sail in some of the most environmental sensitive areas thanks to an advanced on board waste treatment and storage plant.

Designed to be self sustainable for long periods at sea, Yersin’s on board amenities reflect this philosophy with an abundance of water craft, diving gear and an array of water sport equipment. Her large beam and exceptional free board allows for generous storage facilities at water level, with easy launching access. A professional diving facility fitted with compressors and Nitrox filling station can be used to put three teams of eight divers in the water in the space of 6 hours. The list of water sports fun is continued by a selection of jet ski’s canoes and inflatable dinghies.

Exterior decks have been cleverly divided into technical and guest areas. Supporting her fleet of tenders and landing craft are various heavy lifting cranes spread out over deck 1 and 2 to facilitate in the launching of two 7.5m Zodiac tenders, or a 7.3m aluminium barge designed to carry scientific equipment ashore. Another 11m guest tender is stowed on the starboard main deck. The remaining deck spaces can be set up for guest use by arranging loose deck furniture as required.

Yersin’s designer, Pierre J. Kubis, was tasked with the challenge of creating a functional interior suited to the vessel’s primary use as a luxury research vessel, while still having the spaces styled a pleasing and contemporary environment. White lacquered surfaces have been combined with a selection of certified light and dark wood panelling to create bright interior areas. Lively artworks throughout adds a comical feel to the ship.

The owner’s deck is described by Kubis as the ‘social heart of the ship’, and comprises a luxurious owner’s suite and private dinning room and lounge towards the aft section before leading out onto upper deck aft.

The remaining 16 guests are accommodated on main deck in equally stylish cabins with functional storage and utilities available. An advanced IT network has been installed throughout the vessel providing video, TV and technical and scientific information about the ship and it’s current location such as charts, sonar images and weather forecasts. A 12-seater cinema, indoor Jacuzzi, library, gym, massage room and hammam are just some of the amenities guests can look forward to.

Keeping to the owner’s dream of a floating educational facility, Yersin complies with the values of the Monaco Yacht Club’s ‘La Belle Classe Superyachts’, which aims to protect the environment by promoting the use of innovative technology. Multi purpose rooms are spread out across the ship where presentations and scientific lessons can be conducted.

Yersin’s hull has been constructed according to ice-class standards, and is able to support her 18 guests and 24 crew for up to 50 days without the need of returning to port. Driven by 2 x 1500 kW azimuth thrusters, sheoffers an extraordinary range of 15,000 nm at 11 knots; that’s the equivalent of five trips from La Havre, France to New York without refuelling. Her advanced dynamic positioning system allows her to stay in position for up to 10 days.

By Charl van Rooy



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