Superyacht of the week: The Admiral Tecnomar Cacos V

The key aspects of superyachting for owners and guests are clearly defined as relaxation and comfort. The comfort of luxury, style and space, but surely also the comfort of silence. It's this particular absence of noise that is one of the many distinguishing assets for the latest addition to thead Admiral Tecnomar fleet: the 40 metre Cacos V. Presented as the most silent superyacht in the world, and certified by the RINA, Cacos V recently enjoyed her successful debut at this year's edition of the Monaco Yacht Show.

Part of the shipyard's Impero 40 series, this superyacht boasts an unmistakably strong look, which is proudly displayed. Showing off plenty of poise, dignity and confidence, Cacos V combines bold contemporary lines, a smooth and edgy silhouette, and an unapologetically palette of golden hues, ultimately providing a look that is generous and eye-catching. A tri-deck superyacht with an axe hull and a brave, maritime look, this is a stylish vessel that simply doesn't shy away, thus fully conquering the beholder with her charm.

After winning you over with her looks, it's the high levels of onboard comfort that appeal to the other senses. Her impressively low levels of noise are amongst her many pluses, with registered noise and vibration data showing a remarkable reduction of 25% and 80% respectively, compared to average levels on other yachts. Without diving head on into the specifics, you can rest assured that Cacos V is as soothingly silent as she is strong. With a cruising speed of 18 knots, and culminating at 21 knots, Cacos V offers her guests comfort and swiftness, both being key ingredients for any motor yacht of this stature. Add to that the aim for a reduced environmental impact, and Cacos V boasts her true colours, not just as a superyacht of strength and style, but as one of responsible fuel consumption as well. This factor is all the more impressive considering her large interior volumes.

Good design often becomes great design when form and function merge into one, lifting the end result to a higher plane of quality and finesse. With Cacos V's exterior look, designed by Luca Dini Design and Admiral Centro Stile, this mix of form and function is obvious on several accounts. For instance, in order to increase onboard space and visibility, bullwarks are practically vertical and windows are large and panoramic. These elements add to Cacos V's refined look of edgy lines and sleek curves, while her colour palette of high-gloss and matte golden tints, applied to the hull and superstructure respectively, add sparkly personality. Rich and elegant, fearless and pronounced; Cacos V is highly facetted, both literally and figuratively.

The yacht's interiors designs are as wholly distinct as her exterior image is. The main saloon boasts a deep colour palette of dark greys and rich black for flooring and cabinetry, and this is contrasted by off-white and high-gloss stainless steel, gold and bronze for walls, upholstery and artworks. The overall scheme is distinct and contemporary, almost minimalistic yet with a considerable amount of sheen and modern glamour. The saloon, consisting of an aft pantry, central lounge and formal dining area forward, has a mysterious, modern grandness and warmth that make the room feel cozy and elegant. There is a sparkling interaction between the clean, modern look of the interior design and the glossy, metal sculptural and photographic pieces of art. From figurative acrobatic nudes to abstract organic shapes, art is clearly emphasised, thus setting an overall rich tone. Judging from this main saloon, Cacos V's strong personality is certainly as omnipresent inside as it is outside.

The lounge is based on a big modern L-shaped sofa and a set of 4 rectangular pouf tables, all in plush light grey upholstery. Two classically shaped Louis XIV armchairs, in gold and dark green balance the room's clean lines and contemporary lighting scheme, and adding some contrasting curves. Like the lounge, the formal dining area is surrounded by full-height panoramic windows, adding ample amounts of natural light to a modern table that easily seats a company of 12 guests.

Continuing Cacos V's impeccable sense of modern style, the upstairs sky lounge follows the saloon's knack for contemporary glamour, twisting and turning it into an equally dramatic, more informal atmosphere. From the spacious foyer, which boasts the vessel's stylish central staircase consisting of single cantilever steps, one enters the big sky lounge which unfolds as a space of sleek Italian design, full of exquisite ambiance, subtle contrast and finesse. A cozy lounge, large bar and games area are this lounge's key ingredients, with special emphasis on the high-gloss black and matt white ceilings, a stylish rectangular coffee table with dramatically backlit tabletop and, again, an intriguing selection of translucent abstract and figurative sculptures. Rich, luxurious materials, such as dark oak, polished makassar, silk and leather, have been applied to create a design that balances contemporary coolness and inviting warmth. White leather upholstery, softly waving, crisp white wall panelling, high gloss and deep black surfaces on tables, walls and ceilings, integrated lighting and stunning views are amongst the key ingredients for the sky lounge's design composition.

Cacos V offers a delightful set of luxury suites for guest accommodation, each with a lavish style and plenty of luxury. With a sumptuous full beam master suite on the main deck, and two Vips, a double and one twin suite located on the lower deck, nothing is left to be desired. From the grand main deck foyer, with it's clean, warm design, one moves forward into the lush master suite via the private owner's office. The full beam stateroom is a perfect extension of the contemporary Cacos V style, with soft and textured materials added throughout. Plush carpeting, a large headboard with a waved pattern of striped lighting, black and bronze walls, and leather ceilings are just some of the exquisite elements that make up the master's strong contemporary glamour. Ample storage space, plus spacious his and hers en suite bathrooms, with a big, centrally located shower area, elegantly completes this luxury master suite.

The distinct style of the master suite is extended throughout all lower deck guest accommodations. With eye-catching, ceiling-high photographic art installations and a lush palettes of colours, textures and materials, each stateroom is a modern room that combines cool style, and rich modern ambiance. Each suite offers a lush en suite and plenty of closet space.

Cacos V's exterior deck areas are as open and airy, as her interiors are correspondingly cool and modern. Her big, panoramic main aft deck boasts a large sofa aft, and a fresh open ambiance, conveniently located close to the beach club and swimming platform. Upstairs, a wonderful al fresco dining area and airy lounge turn the upper aft deck into an impressive area for any social occasion. Both daytime and night time this will be the perfect location for anything from intimate cocktail parties to elegant dinners. With the sky lounge, which can be reached through large sliding glass doors, this area is a spacious, stylish and private, yet offering an open deck that guests will undoubtedly relish. Forward of this, a panoramic Portuguese deck offers guests ample privacy and ocean views with a cozy cockpit and big sun pads.

Last but not least, Cacos V's sun deck is the icing on the cake, with a set of big sun pads aft, covered, central al fresco dining area and a big Jacuzzi accompanied by extra sun pads forward. Next to the Jacuzzi, a teak-covered bar fluently, almost organically rises up from the deck, perfectly combining convenience and style.

In all, Cacos V is a generous and modern superyacht that combines cool style with warm hospitality. From her bold exterior look to her contemporary and glamorous interiors, she presents Italian design with a twist; delicate and refined, yet comprehensively eloquent and rich.

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By Jochem Kaan



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