Superyacht of the week: The groundbreaking quaranta

Earlier this year, Curvelle launched the refreshing and wonderfully spacious superyacht quaranta, the largest carbon hybrid superyacht catamaran built to date. Just shy of 34 metres LOA, quaranta, whose name is deliberately spelled without a capital β€œQ”, is an impressively flexible, modern and friendly catamaran, showing off a vision of groundbreaking possibilities for the future of superyachting. The yacht’s two efficient hulls offer performance speed and up 30% less fuel consumption compared to a performance monohull yacht.

Being a catamaran, quaranta not only boasts a unique and refreshing look and impressive stability, she also has a remarkably spacious atmosphere and offers every guest an airy and open sense of luxury in every single area. In short, Curvelle's quaranta combines traditional superyacht features with some impressive, forward-thinking traits that turn her into an attractive, luxurious and friendly vessel.

At first glance, quaranta looks very much like a curvy, contemporary and luxury superyacht. She obviously is, but she is so much more. It is upon further inspection that her various unique features become apparent, most of which are the result of her being a catamaran. This changes her general nature, her exterior looks, her layouts and her possibilities, not to mention her onboard ambiance which boasts a great sense spaciousness and flexibility.

Her exterior lines are unmistakably modern, with attractive curves and a smooth silhouette forming a look that is friendly, contemporary and offering just the right amount of sportiness.

One is welcomed onboard on the aft deck, which basically functions as a central hub for boarding, enabling guests to comfortably disembark either through the specifically wide passerelle or by use of the vessel's large and comfortable tender. The latter is conveniently stored on an integrated aft deck platform, which lowers into the water for easy access. This lifting platform can also be used to store a mini submarine, two seater amphibious plane, SUV car, or as a beach club. The platform can also be utilised to offer disabled guests a comfortably and safe area for swimming and other outdoor activities. She is easily accessible throughout with a moderately sized electric wheelchair, which can effortlessly manoeuvre quaranta's interiors and exteriors.

One thing is for sure: flexibility is key for quaranta. This is obvious when examining the layout possibilities in the guest suite area. All located on the main deck, with the full beam master suite fore, quaranta offers surprising flexibility for guest accommodation, with a range of possibilities for layouts. From 3 to 6 spacious guest suites, the main deck accommodations offer incredible variety for large staterooms, optionally paired with big private saloons, and spacious, light en suites. Each room has a big panoramic window which assures an impressive amount of natural light and wonderful views everwhere. Double staterooms, twins, VIP suites... anything is possible with Curvelle's quaranta, on a moment’s notice.

One thing is for sure: whatever the configuration might be, all rooms are located adjacent to the big central corridor and lobby areas, with each one offering impressive amounts of space, dramatic vista views, luxuriously designed interiors and an impeccable ambiance.

Fore, the master suite is a perfect example of the way quaranta combines space, luxury and style. A large port side saloon and a wonderfully spacious starboard stateroom are combined with beautifully designed his and hers en suites, with a large tub and separate shower areas. The styling is light, fresh and gently contemporary, all with a soft, subtly classic ambiance. The big, L-shaped lounging sofa in the master suite saloon is a perfect spot to sit back and relax, taking in the delightful views, enjoying quaranta's friendly luxurious nature. The stateroom, with similar panoramas, combines lightness with classic elegance, to form a cozy, spacious and welcoming guest accommodation.

Leading upstairs, either through the aft deck stairs of the central lobby spiral staircase, one discovers the saloon deck. The central saloon is open and cozy, with a large L-shaped lounge area, games table, bar and pantry area, plus direct access to the semi-open formal dining room aft. The lounge's style boasts a pleasant contemporary elegance, with a colour palette of off-white and dashes of chocolate and light tones of luxury woods.

The big sofa is paired with inviting armchairs and quaranta's large signature windows all around. The cozy ambiance and panoramic views are a great combination, and undoubtably form one of quaranta's many favourite guest features.

The dining room, also surrounded by large opening windows, is modern and graceful, seating a company of up to 12 guests for ample elegant dinners, both formal and informal.

Outside, an open aft deck boasts a great lounge area with big, inviting sofas and chairs. This exterior area is perfect for any social occasion and every type of guest entertaining, especially combined with the big sun deck upstairs and the large lounge area found on the fore deck.

The latter perfectly utilises quaranta's big bow by having a wide cockpit area that offers two great, U-shaped lounge corners, while the former consists of a big, centrally located and covered al fresco dining area, aft sunbathing area including big sun loungers, and a combined bar and Jacuzzi deck fore.

Again framed with vista views, quaranta's sun deck perfectly completes her great range of lush, luxurious amenities, turning her into a surprising superyacht that offers plenty of space, luxury and style.

It comes as no surprise that quaranta is nominated for the International Superyacht Society 2013 design award. She perfectly combines the traditional with the refreshing and new, reinventing several aspects of conventional superyachting while maintaining a perfectly hospitable, friendly and flexible nature.

Just as spacious as a 40 metre performance monohull, but substantially less costly, she is truly aimed at providing each and every guest with an unforgettable experience, with a couple of convenient and flexible surprises up her sleeve.

Luuk V. van Zanten
+44(0)20 7917 2976
[email protected]

By Jochem Kaan, photos by Andrew Clelland /



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