Superyacht of the Week: The unique and highly individual JoyMe

Oozing personality in a unique and highly individual style, Philip Zepter Yachts recently delivered JoyMe to her proud owners. Being a beacon of personal style and with an exciting and refreshing design by Standby Studio under the supervision of acclaimed visionary architect and yacht designer Marijana Radovic, this is a superyacht that joyously transcends her surroundings.

Joyme invites guests to enter a universe offering a fresh and flexible take on onboard living, with spaces supplying a collection of different moods without necessarily having the need to be physically separate rooms. Dynamic comfort and communicative functionality were paramount in the development of this unprecedented and successfully personal project, notably realized by avoiding compartmentalization and aiming for different areas to reflect different states of mind.

Being exceptionally designed both inside and out, JoyMe's exterior shows a hull shape exploring flowing lines in combination with a unique paint scheme, emphasizing length rather than height and showing a uniquely recognizable elegance and individuality. With visual lines fluently interconnecting all decks, a pleasant sense of uniformity has been accomplished, delicately balancing a successful blend of colour and detail with functionality and style.

The design philosophy for this vessel comes from a successful effort to invite guests to move around, explore and travel around, rather than to cocoon and shut oneself out of the world surrounded by luxury. This reflection of a dynamic lifestyle is appropriately contained in the superyachts’ name. In the owners’ view, and reflected by the designer, JoyMe invites to get up, be active and move around in an inspiring and stimulating, joyous environment; an exciting new take on superyacht design.

JoyMe's unique philosophy and consecutive physical appearance invites guests to enjoy and actively participate, offering surroundings that truly are more than the sum of their parts. Successfully avoiding uniformity, without becoming a visual cacophony, JoyMe's layout flows from space to space, from outside to inside, between different moods and different decks. With the greatest attention to detail, one is invited to walk around, enjoy and discover.

Accommodating a company of up to twelve guests, JoyMe's cabins were appointed a collection of different themes to enjoy. With one master suite, a VIP cabin and four double cabins there almost is simply too much to discover on this 50 metre tri-deck displacement superyacht. All with en suite bathrooms executed in matching themes, one can’t help but wonder at how a pleasurable stay in the Mondrian cabin would be delightfully different from time spent in the Nature and Print cabins.

This vessel truly is a highly personal vision, multidimensional and uniquely transcendent. Playful and inviting, all rooms onboard have been exquisitely designed and manufactured. Supplied with ample natural light for daytime and a delicately balanced and cleverly hidden lighting scheme for nighttime, each setting is nicely framed every moment of the day. Whether it is the contemporary warmth and intimacy of the dining area, the surprisingly cosy feel of the fitness area, including separate bathroom and sauna area, the fresh and well balanced main saloon area or any other surprising space, JoyMe simply is a joy to discover, both inside and out.

The sundeck area offers a grand Jacuzzi with stunning panorama views, and even in this area JoyMe's unique atmosphere comes through, notably in the lines applied in the surrounding railings and the color scheme and line pattern applied in the Jacuzzi tub.

Obviously, for those who do want to relax and lounge for a while, ample possibilities are available. Sun beds on the sundeck, an upper aft deck lounging area, aft deck dining area for al fresco meals and the huge luscious and inviting front deck lounging beds all invite to enjoy.

Marijana Radovic
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Philip Zepter Yachts
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By Jochem Kaan



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