Superyacht paintings by Anna Boulton

When Anna Boulton isn’t on the water trimming super yacht sails, she’s in her studio recreating the world’s most eye-catching boats doing battle on canvas. Born in Dubai, Boulton’s first foray into the world of sailing came when she was still wearing floaties. A passion for the ocean quickly blossomed alongside the charismatic artist’s flair for painting. As a result Boulton has spent her life sailing and painting her way around the Mediterranean, UK, Caribbean and New Zealand.

Having created works of art out of everything from landscapes and seascapes to prize winning cows, Boulton is now focused on painting her passion. “Yacht racing is something that really excites me and I think you should paint what you’re passionate about,” she says. “Painting the sea has always been a great challenge that I enjoy, and capturing the movement of boats, their lines, sails and angle of the wind is extremely satisfying.”

Largely working in oil, Boulton aims to recreate a specific moment in time. “I want to capture the boat at its best angle. They’re works of art in themselves and because I’m a sailor everything from the sail trim to the heel of the boat must look accurate. I want people to look at a yacht I’ve painted crashing through a wave and think ‘Wow, I want to be on that boat!’.”

Her attention to detail means from her studio in Antigua Boulton has been commissioned to produce breathtakingly realistic scenes for boats including Ranger, Rebecca, Leopard and Peter Harrison’s Sojana. Her paintings have also been exhibited at Harmony Hall, Jumby Bay and the Admiral’s Inn.

Anna Boulton
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