Superyacht photographer David Churchill launches new website

David Churchill has been working as a superyacht photographer for many years and has a very keen understanding of what is required when shooting yachts. He combines his deep passion for design with a flair for balance and light, to capture clean, simple and striking images, free from distractions.

David uses a large format camera with a digital back. This gives him control over the perspective which is crucial when shooting interiors, the digital back also gives amazing definition in the finished image.

He has shot all Bannenberg's interiors for the last 4 years and has recently started working for Lila-Lou and Edmiston.

Having worked extensively as an architectural and interiors photographer he brings all the knowledge gained there to the world of superyachts. As such he worked for a large number of architects and designers around the world and has been published in design magazines worldwide.

As well as the ability to convey interior space photographically, he also has an unerring eye for a great detail shot.

David has just launched his new website:



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