Superyacht Sydney celebrates 10-year Olympics Anniversary

Superyacht Sydney - the NSW Superyacht Industry Association has launched its new 2011 edition website and new Directory of Services, available to be viewed online

Superyacht Sydney is the superyacht industry marketing group that evolved from the highly successful Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

The NSW Superyacht Industry Association has attracted over 300 superyachts to visit New South Wales, Australia and continues to be the leader in destination marketing in the region.

Executive Director and former Superyacht Captain, Richard Morris says; "Annual Superyacht arrivals are now consistently eclipsing the amount that visited the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games a decade ago. While some critics claim the post-Olympic tourism opportunity has since been squandered in many sectors, the Superyacht Industry in Sydney is an outstanding example of how we got it right".

"Superyacht Owners, Captains and Crews are discovering that there is more to Sydney than it just being the ‘World’s Greatest Harbour’ and 'New Year's Eve Capital of the World'. They find that a vibrant and cohesive support network exists that provides them with the maintenance and service support they need to make their visit a total success."

The 128 page Directory is being distributed to superyachts worldwide. A free copy can be requested by visiting the website



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